The perfect union of musical minds, one karmic meeting in a recording studio resulted in Cosmic Gate’s Big Bang moment. It set brothers-in-sound Nic Chagall and Bossi on a rapidly expanding path – one that’s seen them evolve into Germany’s most consistently successful electronic music duo. It’s catapulted their Cosmological productions to the highest reaches of the official sales charts and seen them remix the compositions of revered Hollywood composers such as ‘Avatar’s James Horner. Through their atomic on-stage synergy, Nic & Bossi have created countless unforgettable dance floor nights. They’ve sold out arenas & festival halls, conquered EDM capitals, hosted their own stages at major festivals and 10 years into their career became the highest climbers on DJ Mag’s Top 100 chart. Driven by their hugely received albums, club-busting singles (incl. ‘Not Enough Time’, ‘Body of Conflict’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’) and scene-defining classics ‘Be Your Sound’, ‘Fire Wire’ and ‘Exploration of Space’, their place in EDM’s hall of fame has long since been secured.


How do you think your music has evolved over time? What keeps your dynamic so fresh?
Bossi: The easiest thing is to listen to rhythm and drums in 2001 and start to feel now. It’s totally different from the beats to the speed. But the handwriting and the feel of the music is always Cosmic Gate. We have evolved a lot but whatever music we make has a special kind of touch. Maybe that’s why we’re still around.
Nic: It’s exactly what he said. We try to always have the same vibe. We always want to do something new but keeping the same vibe. We have to do that otherwise we would be bored ourselves. It’s our nature to always try something new and evolve.
Bossi: I think we have very different personalities but the chemistry we have when it comes to music sometimes is frightening. There’ll be a remix and we will listen to it a week later. Our management will ask us what we think. We will have a one phrase conversation and high five each other and be like “dude I was thinking the exact same thing.” We think the same in what we want and what fits our brand.

Nic: How we feel about the music is exactly the same.

It sounds like you guys really understand one another when it comes to the music. Other than the music, do you guys think you’re similar or are you day and night?
Bossi: We’re not day and night but we’re different. You always try to bring in what you’re good in and we bring in our strengths! There are some things like food that we totally agree on and there are other times where I’m here and he’s there. We’re like an old married couple. We spend so much time together that he sometimes realizes earlier than I do when I’m not having a good time.

Now Cosmic Gate has been a name we’ve heard for many years and I know will still hear for many years to come, where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?
Cosmic Gate – That’s a very good question. 5 Years is a very long time and its impossible to see where music will be by that time, but as long as we have fun and our fans are loyal to us and want to see our shows, we for sure still will be around doing what we like most; writing and producing music and playing our DJ sets around the world!

You have a long-standing relationship with the music community. Who are your top 3 up and coming artists?
Some names to watch out for, sure are our german fellow colleague steve brian, he is signed to our label wym and is delivering one great tune, remix and bootleg after the other. rodg, he is featured with one of his mixes on wym is doing great stuff too, we played many of his tunes on wym radio and he just delivered a great remix for our tune no one can touch you now, which will be featured on our start to feel deluxe edition. third artist is alex di stefano, he maybe produced our most fav track so far during this year, the amazing ive got the power, such a great combination of techy beats and a old school feel trance break, we are sure all three will be good for way more big tunes to come.


Trance has obviously changed since you guys first entered the scene. As trance takes off into a multitude of directions with almost every other genre that is encompassed by the EDM umbrella going through a surge in popularity, where do you see the trance scene in the next few years?
Wow, this is hard to say. in general its true that trance has diverted into so many sub genres, different styles, speeds and feels, but to really know which directions in general it will develop to, is really hard to predict. we sure will try to push its limits further, so much we know, add new influences, try to keep it fresh and interesting with our productions, for our sets, and of course our fans.

What do you listen to in your downtime when you’re not working. Surprise us. No pressure.
Maybe the easiest way to understand our private taste, listen to our show wake your mind, every week during the show we introduce a track that we call private playlist, this is our very own taste, stuff we listen to at home, then you certainly know what we do like 🙂


You guys have been in the industry more than 16 years now. What were you guys doing before you were DJing?
Bossi: We don’t even remember anymore…school? studying? Before Cosmic Gate, we went right from studying into the business. Lucky us!

What do you guys think you’d be doing if you weren’t DJing right now?

Bossi: Still studying? Haha. That’s a good question. We probably would have been studying or maybe a marketing manager somewhere. Maybe we’d still be writing music.
Nic: My father was a doctor. He actually warned me not to go into that business if you don’t really love it. I love music so much it was the only option for me.
Bossi: It’s hard to answer the questions: when, why, how? Fortunately, it worked out. We would need to hop into a time machine to have figured that all out!


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