With a DJ career going back over 20 years, Marc Roberts is one of a select group of DJ’s forging a path based purely on DJing and not productions.
While holding down a residency at Digital in Newcastle, Marc has also made appearances at seminal clubs including Watergate, Fabric, D-Edge, The End, & Chinese Laundry as well as festival appearances at Kazantip, Creamfields and Global Gathering and others across the globe.Whether it’s warming up for some of the biggest names in electronic music, or headlining shows himself, he’s earned himself a reputation as a solid selector.

First of all can you tell us where you are from ? Where you find yourself DJing mostly and how you found yourself to where you currently live and how did music play a part?
I’m originally from Durham in the UK. I was introduced to DJing in 1988 when i was introduced to it by a family friend in a ski resort who’d just returned from Ibiza with all of this amazing music. I’d been into Depeche Mode, Human League and stuff when i was younger, so it really resonated with me. It just went from there really. Kept getting gigs and collecting music. Since then i’ve played at some pretty inspirational places such as Fabric ( #savefabric) and The End in London, Watergate in Berlin and D-Edge in Sao Paulo. I’ve also played some pretty special festivals along the way too. For me, music is about creating memories. People tend to remember where they were when they heard THAT record.

Your company in the music industry is 691 music and after a quick stalk on the internet it looks like you guys are doing some amazing work.. Can you tell us a bit about 691 music for our subscribers who dont know what you have been up to. Also what was 691’s first project and the most monumental moment or project to date?
Basically as a result of Djing and making contacts, I somehow ended up doing stage management at festivals, and as a result of stage managing at Snowbombing Festival in 2005 (ironically in the same ski resort) i ended up being asked to book the line up – which i’m still involved with today. As a result of this, more work followed, and I’m now booking for events all over the world via my business back in the UK.

Whats 691 up to moving forward into 2017? Anything you can share with us?
Well i recently re-located to Bali with my daughter. It was the right time to do it for professional and personal reasons.
After 10 years, I’ve taken on the role of programmer now for Snowbombing, as the day to day booking process is now being done at head office in London. As a result of that i have a bit more time on my hands to explore opportunities in Asia, and I’m working on touring a number of very exciting acts who i’m really proud to be working with.

Whats the most embarrassing thing to happen to you while DJing?
Rocking up to an igloo at 8000 feat at night to warm up for Fatboy Slim and then realising i’d left my USB at the previous gig.
He very kindly let me use his laptop, although i was on a strict ‘no bangers’ rule

marc and norman_sb16

Now back onto what really counts ahead of this weekend. Your DJ show at Koh this weekend. Can you tell us some more about your production history? What was your first release that appeared on the WWW, on vinyl or on beatport?
Funnily enough, now that i have a bit more time on my hands and now i’m in a more relaxed place, I’m starting to look at making some music finally! I’ve always been asked why i haven’t made music, and the honest answer is that i’ve just not had time with everything else going on!

How do you see the current vinyl comeback hype amongst your industry and community /events?
I’ve had 2 double hernia operations due to years of lugging vinyl about – often 2 boxes weighing 30kgs each!
Complications from the second operation almost killed me a few years ago. I fell ill in Berlin, and spent a month in hospital and had 4 operations! I find some of the attitudes very elitist, as good music should be available to everyone. However, it was much easier to find good music on vinyl. But on the flip side, digital has allowed me to find good music from the past i’ve missed. At the end of the day, my job is to make people dance and have good times, and i don’t think the format is particularly relevant to those 2 emotions.

Beer, Vodka or Whisky? or all of the above?
Beer for sunset, Vodka and bitter lemon while Djing, Whisky for nightcaps.

Mark Roberts current Top 5?
Solid Groove – ‘This Is Sick’ (Schmutz remix)
Trevino – Casino
Tuff City Kids Feat Annie – Labrinth (Morgan Geist remix)
Red Rack’em – Wonky Bassline Disco Banger
Steve Bug – What’s Happened? (ROD remix)

Next up after Bali for Marc Roberts is?
Singapore on the 30th Sept, a few more bits in Bali TBC, then Australia for 2 weeks in October.


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