Your sound is mostly defined as trap correct? How do you describe the Lady Bee sound? With influences from Hip Hop, Ragga and Dubstep just a part of your coverage we just cant get enough of your tunes right now.
Aaaah thank you! My sound is mostly defined as super energetic, hype but still very warm, melodic and sexy. Trap, Moombathon, Bass, Hiphop, Dancehall, R&B, Island sounds… They all come together in my set, giving you different tempo’s to dance to, jump to, mosh to or sing a long to. The Lady Bee “sound” is actually more of a feeling. I like to make people feel good.

Not just a established DJ and producer but vocalist as well, what has been your most succesful project to date and why? Where can we listen to it?
If you dig deep you can probably find my vocals on some old garage and 2step tracks, but my new and latest sounds are all collabs with very talented vocalists. I love creating music now and bringing the right elements together and there are so many talented vocalists out there. I just dropped a song called Sum Like That with a new singer called Sigourney K., you should def check that one out and also Bucka is out now as well with Mr. Vegas. You can stream both on Spotify right now or buy it on iTunes.


How do you start our a production when your going solo? laying down some beats first or humming a melody into your phone? We would really love to hear how someone so multi talented lays down a track from start to finish in usual fashion.
My productions have changed actually, me and my team used to make beats first and then try to find a vocal later. So we created beats just like everyone does: long late night sessions in the studio untill it’s done. Now we are looking for chords, structure or a melody only. Then we create the entire song with the vocalist. Gives them more room to play and gives us more room to produce the right sounds at the right place in the song. We can start out with a simple chord and a drum loop and see it grow into a whole song. That is so awesome.

Before you were touring the world what were you up to? And where do you see your music carreer taking you next?
Before we started touring the world, we just toured in the Netherlands and Europe and before that I just played in several cities. It grows like that you know. Your hometown first, then surrounding cities, then the country, then the countries around you and the world just keeps getting smaller. I love it. We are heading for the US and the UK next. Without a doubt. I would love to tour through America or work with some great UK vocalists.

Your signed to labels such as Diplo’s Mad Decent correct? How does someone like Diplo discover your music?
Yeah I just released some tracks on Mad Decent and started this year off with a Diplo & Friends BBC Radio 1Xtra mix. Diplo is everywhere, he is probably the hardest working man in showbusiness right now. He hears everything, knows everyone and really puts in work. We know a lot of the same people and artists and we met a few times. He liked my music and kept track of everything I did, until we found the Sweet Like Chocolate project that suited Mad Decent and we just went on from there.

What other labels are you signed to and which do you see as your first big break into the international eye?
I released on Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Sony, Mixmash, Rebel Yard and Spinnin’. I think that Bring the Trumpets and That Paper did a lot in the clubs, but Return of the Mack opened some international doors, especially with that Oliver Heldens remix.

Who have you been collaborating with in recent times and any new projects we should be keeping a eye out for? How do you normally work with other artists? Online or wait til your both in the studio together?
During ADE I have worked in the studio with TWRK, Apedrums and Daktyl. The tracks with TWRK are fire and will def come out sometime soon! Just did a remix of Jillionaire and Ms Dynamite with Rocky Wellstack too and there is much more lined up. Wait and see!

In 2015 what has been your most memorable show and why?
Oeh… This question is really difficult, like every other artist you love your job, so it’s almost impossible to have a favorite. But i think the show I did on “I Love Music Festival” in Tenerife was the most memorable, it was Sold Out, so 10.000 people in front of the mainstage. The vibe was so magical, the people couldnt stop cheering and even sang a long to every lady bee track i played.

Whats up next for Lady Bee?
Loads of new Lady Bee Music, just follow me on social media: #LadyBeeOfficial

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