Jakarta Based Records store selling mostly House, Techno and Disco Records.Our store located in Rasuna Office Park, DO-01 Kuningan Jakarta Selatan & JL. Gedung Hijau Raya SF-07 No.74 Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan. You can find here the finest selection of studio and DJ gear aswell. Focusing to put Indonesia in the map of “techno” is their main goal in the company, Therefor they try to create,maintain and give the experiencing memorable parties to the people. At their store they also have Ableton course program, giving opportunities to young people to make music and support them in local and international scene.

Exceptional composition of sound design is to say the least, what people can expect from Darkbark’s set. His passion for music and vinyl collecting has been developed since the early days. Not only that, his first exposure to electronic music came when he learned how to play the drum, and drum machine soon after; creating an impeccable taste in music and style in mixing. Living abroad also influenced the way he sees groove and melody; Sydney taught him the soul of disco and house while Amsterdam taught him the banging energy of underground techno. Combining club cultures from three different regions. He successfully created many parties and events. The mastermind behind Panorasuna Records Store Jakarta also named for DJ of the year 2015 (Juice Magazine), Darkbark currently doing monthly residency for ETV Colosseum Jakarta and Koh Bali in Indonesia.

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how have you seen the vinyl industry and sales in Jakarta and around Indonesia change over the last few years?
Its very good, there are more demands nowadays. At Pasar Santa there’s a lot small record store inside the building, and you can find vinyls from all genres. And for more cutting edge sound, from disco to house, minimal and techno, there’s Panorasuna recordstore at Rasuna Kuningan and Pondok Indah.
The vinyl community also very big, each year they gathered up on Recordstore Day Indonesia. There are more people buying records, also there’s Aboutwax collective that create events in jakarta, for the vinyl enthusiast.

The underground techno and house music scene we are most certain is amazing in Jakarta but we dont seem to hear much about it. Tell us about the clubs, the promoters and some of the artists that have passed thru in recent times?
ETV, its a monthly serial event at Colosseum club jakarta. They pushing the underground sound in the city. The party start from 11pm-11am. they having new program “club trade” by having club residents dj exchange around asia so they can represent their club sound vice versa. This is the place for an afterhours party. In 2016 Panorasuna also had brought artist such as : Sierra Sam, Sakro, Red Rack’em, Pascal Hetzel, Labat, Turmspringer, Borrowed Identity. Ame & Stimming will play in Jenja Jakarta in a couple week. Promotors like Ashram really give jakarta nightlife quality international artist and memorable party.

How do you see the Jakarta underground music scene growing in the next couple of years?
I believe it will grow even better than right now. Nowadays there are more new clubs open, new promotors and collective born that focusing on underground music in jakarta. Even the mainstream club now trying to push the underground sound on weekdays. I see they slightly change the policy and this is good for the scene.

How about the DJS in Jakarta – who do you see really pushing forward thinking techno forward?
Darryl from Panorasuna/Echo Chambers, He is fresh, young and really putting efforts to dig sounds and buying records.
Dnsw, the man behind ETV, my b2b buddy for long afterhours set. Sharing moments at the decks with him always full of surprises.

Whats your studio set up like? Can you tell us what you have?
What is the next piece of hardware or equipment you intend to buy?
How about if you won half a million dollars today -what would you spend it on?

My studio is in the small room inside my apartment.
Juno 60, System 1m, octatrack, minitaur, tr8 with pairs Focals twin6 monitors.
getting more modules to expand the system 1m.
This island is so inspiring, it will be really nice to have a
nice villa here in bali, so i can make music everyday, Haha. or maybe opening Panorasuna recordstore in the island.

The first vinyl record your sold was?
I think it was Sepp – trubadurul Ep purchased by Darryl in the shop.

How do you see that influence your record shops sound and Darkbark’s DJ Sets in the current state?
All the records in the shop basically the sound that i would play in the club or just the ones i listens at home. So its been curated by me. And for Darkbark dj sets in the club pretty much Panorasuna sounds that played in all situation.

Your current Top 5 is?
Darbark – Cant trust tim – 68e
Sil – Aho – fox trax
Andy Kolwes – Future zunrah- anyway
Gemini – Imagine a nation – anotherday
Ittetsu – Lax – Eastenderz

What was the last record you sold?
Social 05

Koh is pushing music forward to in Indonesia so you guys make the perfect match right now. What is it that really makes Koh stick out from all the other clubs around Indonesia?
The music, the bookings and the soundsystem. Koh build another segment of music and clubbers more alive in Jakarta and Bali. Very dedicated and passionate resident djs who build the club image and vibes around the philosophy of where music comes first. All the crews from door to the bar are very friendly and very welcoming.

Next up for Panorasuna is?
Panorasuna just open second store on October 1st 2016 at JL. Gedung Hijau Raya SF-07 No.74 Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan . collaborating with publichood coffee shop.
At Kuningan store we also have Ableton course program, with proper gears and acoustic room. Giving opportunities to young people to make music and support them in local and international scenes. You can find here the finest selections of studio and DJ gear aswell.
There also Pano bookings supporting talented artist that Panorasuna trust.
Focusing to put Indonesia in the map of “techno” is our main goal in the company, Therefore we try to create, maintain and give
and experience some memorable parties to the people.

Next up for Darkbark is?
Just release a track two weeks ago on 68e. A vinyl only label from Holland for their first release. Im having upcoming release early next year together with Artifuel on our new vinyl only label called sodru.


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