The Monkey Brothers are a duo consisting of two actual brothers, Ruben and Sergio Pellon. Ever since they first got together in 2005 to produce music together, the multifaceted Spaniards have seen their tracks crop up on some of the scene’s most sterling labels, with the likes of NYC label Hidden and Barcelona-based imprint Regular playing host to their diverse, dizzying and intoxicating sounds. Back in 2012, the duo founded their own imprint, Parallel, a label based out of Vilnius, Lithuania, and an outlet that’s fast becoming renowned for intricate workings from mainly up-and-coming producers.

Monkey Brothers. Where is this name coming from? And does it have a special meaning for you?
Some of our friends, in Vilnius, a big Dutch friend, always called us the Monkey Brothers, so we thought that it would be a good name for us. We are both like monkeys in different ways!

Where did you guys grow up?Was it a good place for house and techno music?
We grew up in Santander, a small town in the north of Spain by the seaside. It was a good place for house and techno, and as 15-16 years old we were already partying in clubs where the DJs played this kind of music. There were parties all around the north of Spain and we moved from town to town, to Bilbao, Oviedo, Gijon, Madrid, Vitoria…


Who was playing at the first raves you went to then?Did you immediately realise you wanted to be involved in the music?

We grew up at raves, and were probably about 15 when we started to go. At those parties it was usually local DJs who played, and occasionally guys like Oscar Mulero too. But yeah, we feel like we were always involved in music from the very start.

And what do you think is the future of your own sound?
Sound is not a static thing, it is always moving and transforming. We believe our sound will keep moving also toward refinement, always keeping the essence of it.

The artwork on your records is always very noticeable. Do you think people pay much attention to the art these days? Is it a bit of a pity that they don’t?
When you present a product to the public, all the parts and all the details involve on it are very, very important. Maybe nowadays it’s not so visible but that doesn’t mean that it is less important. The aesthetic is very important for us, yes.

What are you doing besides producing and dj’ing?
We work a lot in studio, and in our label , looking for new artists , for new sounds. Most of the time working in music.

Which are the artists that inspired you? Not only in the field of electronic music.
There are a lot of artist that inspired us, Brian Eno, Plaid, David Bowie, Anthony Rother, Leftfield, etc…

How long have you been working as musicians? What’s been your proudest accomplishment to date?

We have been working as musicians for around 14 years or more now. We are proud of managing our careers without having to sell out.


What is the essential ingredient for good electronic music?
Believe in your sound, and don´t be afraid of experiment. Is very important to have your own sound.

Aside from music, what do you get up to in your spare time?
We love the beach, surfing, good movies, good books, a good lunch with friends, of course to spend time with our daughters, football, poker…

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