NERVO consists of twin sisters Miriam and Olivia Nervo. After embarking on the scene at the age of 18, the siblings quickly cemented themselves amongst dance music’s finest by writing and producing hit songs for a host of acclaimed artists. Recently, the NERVO sisters officially joined Armada Music, which sees them launch their own label imprint: Got Me Baby Records. The new label is to put out music from a full range of talented artists and will occasionally release music from NERVO as well. We managed to catch up with the sisters, and spoke to them about this partnership, plus plenty of other topics like performing the mannequin challenge, being entrepreneurs and more! Have a read.

A lot has happened this year, with each year getting more amazing than the last, how incredible has life been?
We can’t complain! 2016 was another exciting year full of releases with People Grinnin’, Anywhere You Go, Forever Or Nothing, and Alone. We were able to work with some great people on collabs and are excited to have some more music coming out in February and beyond! We were voted highest ranking female DJ’s for DJ Mag again, got a billboard #1, toured and did around 200 shows at some of the most fun festivals and clubs around the world. We residencies in Ibiza and Vegas and we’re loving throwing our NERVOnation parties around the world with some shows scheduled for WMC in Miami and also up in the Austrian mountains, in Solden. On a personal level, we have toured some amazing places around the world, we toured for 4 months with our brother as our tour manager and we work with a really great team that feel like family so all in all we’re having a great time!

These past few months have been busy with release after release? What can we expect in the next several months from you?
We have an exciting release scheduled for February 10th with a track called ‘In Your Arms’ coming out through Big Beat. We are going in more of a pop direction with this new single so are very excited for that. We also have some great collabs coming out in 2017 with some amazing artists. Also the launch of our label is very exciting for us and we are going to be bringing you lots of new music on GOT ME BABY! RECORDS.

Speaking of singles, your latest single “Alone” with Askery & Brielle Von Hugel, out now on Spinnin Records, has had an amazing response. How did this come about?
Askery knew Brielle and made the connection. We met Brielle and her team for the first time whilst we were in New York and it was there that we finished the main bulk of the writing all together in a hotel room right before our gig at Space. This was a real treat as we don’t always find the time to meet with our collaborators while we all tour around the world so much.

Armada Music is one of the leading music companies in the world & has so many branches. How did the decision to sign a deal with Armada Music, that includes establishing your own Record Label “Got Me Baby! Records” come about? Like how does this deal further establish the NERVO brand?
We have been working with a lot of people at Armada as we started working with Armin about 9 years ago on his records. When Maykel approached us to start our own label we jumped at the opportunity as it’s not only an avenue for us to release NERVO records but also to work with other artists that we admire. We can’t wait to start signing records that aren’t our own, it’s such a creative and new experience for us and we’re super excited for the opportunity to even explore other genres of music.


What can we expect from this partnership in the future?
You can expect the unexpected. We will be releasing some NERVO records but also other artist’s records from all types of sub genres within dance/electronic music. We are keeping open ears and an open mind.

Apart from being accomplished DJs/Producers, you’re also entrepreneurs (releasing a capsule collection with Franklin & Marshall, having a range of designer bags collection together with Erin Dana & much more). How do you balance it all out, to ensure that none of your passions suffer by having too many to focus on?
We feel very humbled that these days many opportunities come to us. It hasn’t always been like this though, so we like to cease the day. We love fashion, we love music, we love design, we love travel and we have a lot of passion left in us to explore many things. We thrive off this creative energy. Music is always the main focus but the rest breaks up our days and keeps us even further inspired.

You’re always on the lookout for new music, talent, etc. Who are your Top 5 artists at the moment that should be on our radar?

We think Alan Walker is going to have a big 2017, Sonny Fodera, Jauz, Kungs, Sampha, Alok, Black Coffee, Sofi Tukker, London Grammer, KDA… ahh there are so many great artists out there!

You’re quite the trendsetters. What do you think of the “Mannequin Challenge” & would you ever do it?
HAHA that was a fun fad. And yes, we did do a few mannequin challenges – one was in a club in China. Some people didn’t know what was going on but most people caught on. We have heard that some people have said our new video for “Forever Or Nothing” is a mannequin challenge but we actually came up with that concept and shot the video before mannequin challenges went viral, it just took a while to come out. Plus, it’s more of a frozen in time concept.


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