You’ve kept yourself pretty busy for a while now as a DJ, producer, radio host, and head of club night/label Circus. What’s the secret to keeping on top of such a heavy workload?
I know, it’s pretty mad that I tour extensively, run a prominent record label, run circus and its other major events whilst also producing music for labels like Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep In Sound, Desolat and my own Circus recordings and do my weekly radio show. I also have a young family and I’m now training for a half marathon for a Liverpool homeless charity! hahahah! It’s pretty ridiculous now its listed… I guess the one thing I do is make the most of my time on the road, I work on planes and trains and automobiles and cut my time between my offices and my studio so I’m doing a few hours a day in each. It works for me, I can work on my DJ’ing in the studio for a few hours, then work on circus and my labels for a few hours and then family for a few hours and its fine by me, you get further along by doing less.
Is there anything you plan on doing differently in 2017?

I’m not sure, my release schedule is already locked down for the year and I’m working hard on circus and its 15 year tour and global touring is also looking strong. I guess I’m happy doing more of the same but definitely getting fitter and spending more time with my family is top of my list of things to do!

2017 marks Circus’ 15th year – from which the night, label and overall brand can boast some amazing achievements. What have been your personal favorite Circus moments?
I guess the fact it’s in its strongest ever position is its greatest achievement! and then an abundance of accolades like ‘BBC Radio One’s Club Of The Year’, two Essential Mixes – including a revered 500th essential mix edition – and a reputation for enhancing Liverpool’s name as an epicenter for the best electronic music in the UK, the Circus brand has come to be known as a huge driving force in the global electronic music industry.

The Circus Recordings record label run in tandem with the club event, crafting a world class reputation, releasing quality house & techno from the likes of Carl Cox, Green Velvet, Marco Carola, Eats Everything and Yousef himself – all of which perfectly exemplifies what Circus is all about: the best in innovative underground music.

Fast Forward to today and Circus continues to provide a platform for the cutting edge.

You’re heading out to Indonesia, including a gig in Bali. How does the clubbing vibe in Bali differ to the UK?
It’s a lot stickier! The vibe is more international in Bali of course and it’s not exactly a dedicated scene in Bali like the UK, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great fun. My gigs in Bali have always been excellent.

What are you most looking forward to about the upcoming tour?
Seeing old friends, and playing new music!

When not behind the booth, what’s your favourite downtime activity to do on tour?
As I’m so busy I guess getting my other activities like the label rocking hard, and developing ideas. And getting some sleep in! and of course seeing the world

Top 3 records that are making appearances in your DJ sets at the moment?
Yousef – Pleasure Defined – circus recordings
DJ PIERRE – Let the Music Take You Higher (Wild PiTcH Mix)
Yost Koen – Chordeal – circus recordings

Finally, what can we expect from you. Aside from this upcoming tour, do you have any new releases in the pipeline that you’re particularly excited about?
Yes, new full EP’s coming on Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep In Sound, Hot Creations, This & That and my own Circus Recordings. All bangers!


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