Label owner of Prime Numbers and creator of soul edged House & Techno choice cuts, Mancunian music head, Trus’me, has seen tremendous success both for his debut LPs, ‘Working Nights’ and ‘In The Red’ as well as his hypnotic, eclectic sets around the globe.

With his love for music tracing way back to an early age by dabbling with various instruments and then moving on to develop a passion for record collecting, Trus’me found his calling after learning the art of mixing and sample digging. The much reputed CD sampler ‘Nards’ that was responsible for initialing releases on Chicago’s Still Music label, inevitably sparked off Trus’me’s promising musical career. Seeing support from respected names such as Ashley Beedle, Juan Atkins, Mad Matts, Gilles Peterson and Chez Damier plus his productions selling out at record stores from Manchester to Tokyo, led to the highly successful release of his debut album, ‘Working Nights’, on Fat City Recordings, that’s hailed by most to be a timeless album, still finding devotees to this day.

Not one to rest on his laurels, the label Prime Numbers was set up and quickly gained an unfaltering reputation for highly collectable and exceptional music from artistes such as Move D, Actress, Linkwood, Fudge Fingas, Motorcity Drum Ensemble; all artistes that fit the ethos and style that Trus’me continues to carry a torch for. In 2009, his highly anticipated follow-up album, ‘In The Red’ further cemented his place in the House scene and set off a flurry remixes for acts such as LCD Soundsystem, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Alton Miller, Anthony Shake Shakir and more, including non-stop touring to clubs and festivals alike in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, North America, South America and of course, in his backyard, the city of Manchester where it all began


What was the motivation to start your own Prime Numbers imprint and what is your aim with the label?

The name Prime Numbers was derived from my favorite mix series at the time ‘Odd Numbers‘ by the infamous ‘Eyes Down’ night here in Manchester. The night presented all kinds of music, from Brazil to Jazz and Techno. Somehow the boys Jon and Kelvin would meld together a coherent night of music, where essentially they would just play in their words ‘prime cuts’
“So there, you now know both my main inspiration as a DJ and my ethos for the label selecting only Prime Numbers. Later we played around with the word Prime in a mathematical sense for each release

Although technological improvements created lots of new interesting opportunities during the last couple of years, the electronic music industry also suffers from an overload of releases, lots of them don’t even match a certain standard. How do you think about these developments and should some not to name labels take action?
I believe this is the role of the record shops, they probably have the final say when it comes to quality control. If you are running a physical shop you are essentially a taste maker and are there to sieve the lumps from the flour, so to speak. This is where the problem lies with online record shops as there are no restrictions regarding rent, staff and general overheads of running a physical shop. That’s why places such as Rush Hour has such a high quality control and hence why I choose to shop there than say at one of the mass online record shops. Let’s have some form of quality control, I believe a record shop more or less makes or breaks a record.

What do you think about the EDM hype, which is quite big the last years, especially in The States?
Who knows where this hype and scene is going, there seems to be more DJs and Labels than ever before all working as a DJ for a living. The scene just exploded, but again what quality control there is here, is down to your own personal opinion. I can look at a club listing in London for example and see about 1 or possibly 2 things I’m interested in attending out of over 100 listings

Your musical background is more influenced by jazz, soul and hip-hop then electronic genres. In what way influenced these particular genres your sound?
There was no one particular influence. I listened to Indie music just as much as I can list Daft Punk, Orbital, 808 State and New Order. Manchester is rich in musical knowledge and truly genre stretching DJs. You cannot be into just one thing here in this rainy city.

Can you name something we should definitely know about Trus’me, but is never been asked in an interview before?

I don’t know if there is something you should particularly know aha, but I graduated with a Masters in Business Technology. I have an entrepreneurial sprit, wanting to try out new things so besides music, I have other passions too.

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What’s your favorite venue or festival you played so far and why?
Trouw is such a great venue, but to be honest, I do love playing in Australia, as a show tends to always be outside in the sun, which I just love to do.
The best shows are where you have built up a trust with the crowd over the years and you can truly express yourself musically, knowing you have their ears and heart.

What’s been the most remarkable of weird experience story so far that occurred while touring?

Landing in Australia for the first time, see how diverse and exciting all the different Asian countries live their lives. I love to travel, enjoy new cuisine and culture, and gaining new experiences this way. This is by far the best part of the job, although the worst part of the job is being stuck on countless plane rides and airports when your visa didn’t go through and being stuck in customs for a whole day when you have travelled 24 hours to be in New Zealand.

Can you share some producers with us who definitely need some recognition and don’t receive the exposure they should at the moment?
I’m really feeling the stuff Marcelus of Tresor is making as well as Modini whom we just signed on to Prime Numbers. DJ Qu’s productions are interesting and diverse and Zadig is really starting to make a name for himself.


How’s the future looking for you? Any interesting stuff coming up your willing to share?
I have an Ep forthcoming with Synchraphone, Skudge, Illusion and Prime Numbers. There will be another LP at some point later in the year as well as a triple pack remix LP from the likes of Skudge, Luke Hess, Marcelus, Alan Fitzpatrick, Truss, Truncate and Roman Flugel.


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