First of all tell us where your from and how you found your way to Bali?
I’m from Tallinn,Estonia. I came to Bali trough my friend and co-producer Oskar aka Styline who invited me to produce some music on this inspiring island.

Before you started DJing in Bali what were you doing and what had you heard about our very virbant Bali Clubbing Industry?
I was a full time producer in my hometown Tallinn. I heard how diverse the crowd is on the island and the party is on 24/7 here.

How about Bali’s newest additional the clubbing circuit? What makes Opivm different for you as a DJ and also on your nights of as a clubber?
I think Opivm brings to the table something that was missing on the island, a club that offers a real premium experience.

Describe your sound thats you are playing in Bali? how do your sets sound different to what you would play at home?
My sound keeps a balance between commercial and underground without going mainstream but always driving we call it ‘powerhouse’.

What was the first record you ever purchased? How does that record influence what we can hear in your set this weekend?
My first record was a ministy of the sound compilation with a lot of different genres and was mind blowing, my first step into electronic music.

Are you producing music? Anywhere we can listen to some of your production? How about what equipment you are using in the studio?
Yes,i’m co-producer of the styline project, Styline
I’m using a laptop with a cubase on it with lots of plugins and thats about it 🙂

The number one record for 2016 in your sets was?
Javi Mula – Come On (Styline Remix)

How about in January 2017 whats been your biggest record in your playlists?
Detlef – Swagon (Original Mix)

Any other places they should visit that you have discovered while your time on the island that you can recommend they can check out?
707 beach to chill, Shelter and sushi Hanna for great food.

Outside of DJing and sightseeing in Bali what do you like to do with your spare time?
Going out with my friends, swimming & playing chess.

If you werent DJing where do you think you would be and working on what or for?

Probably something related to a music industry


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