Hello Takashi, Japan’s musical heritage is continuously growing and getting more and more the attention beyond the candy-coated exterior into the underground scene. Tell us your point of view.
Hi! First of all I would love to say thank you for giving me the chance for this interview. Yes, I think so too. Japanese underground music scene has huge power and potential. There are a lot of talented producers and good DJs in Japan. Especially Tokyo swarms of amazing producers. They are not famous worldwide, but once you listen to their play, you must feel the groove. This scene is not something to tell, is something to experiment, so I recommend you to come over to Tokyo, to feel what I’m talking about. They are mainly playing in hidden local clubs or 2nd floor, that’s the undisclosed meaning of our culture.

The Japanese culture is so mystic and spiritual, how do you manage to mix it with the underground scene, and so transmit it to the crowd?
I was born and lived in Japan, so for me it’s everyday life. It’s true that many times I heard people saying that they feel some Japanese’s vibe in my music, but I don’t do it consciously. Comes naturally, as part of me and mixed with the passion I have for underground music gets this result. I don’t know which part of my music gives them such a feeling but I guess it’s the attraction for the opposition, and appreciation for that which may be different for us, but supportive and enhancing at the same time.

This Thursday 16th of February will be the first time you’re gonna act in Bali, as main guest for the release of the third concept “INCEPTION”. What’s your expectation about?
I am really exciting to play in Bali and I feel honored to be the first guest of this new party “INCEPTION”. It looks like big family set up over there, I’m gonna share decks with Kaiser Waldon and Shammui. As I heard Bali is a legend of spiritualism and good energy. I am so really looking forward to feel it and specially, the music culture around.

Your last release was for the label “sleepiscomercial”. Do you feel identified with it?
Yes, our relationship has started since 2 years ago when I release my 2nd EP called “KAMIGAWA EP” from their sub label. They are always releasing good music and hooking some new talented producer up with the scene.

Tell us where do you find the inspiration for your productions… Everything I experienced basically. Music, Films, literatures, arts, and scenes… they are mixed in me and outputted as music. My last release “Theo” was inspired by several films directed by Theo Angelopoulos, a Greek film director, that helped me to find inspiration for a mystical journey throw his music that strengthens relations between people and places, history, philosophy and so on.


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