What’s your earliest ‘musical’ memory?
The earliest musical memory was to listen to our old cassettes we got from our siblings or the vinyl dad was listening to after breakfast: Moldau by Smetana! Unforgettable.

What was it that drove you to get into the music industry or was it a pretty organic thing for you guys?

There was no masterplan or wish to be successful in the music industry. In the beginning we had a large interest in the interaction of technology and music. At first the music was just our hobby. With time came the passion for it, and Kollektiv Turmstrasse is born out of this passion.

Who have been the most influential people in your musical development?
We had many people who influenced us. In the beginning there was a small club, which was a kind of living room for us. This club, named “Die Gerberei”, influenced us musically. We met many people there, and through these new contacts finally got our first gigs.

So how do you influence one another?
Knowingly or unknowingly you always influence each other. We know each other for more than 17 years now. We have shared many experiences with each other, we shared our music. So in the end you definitely can say that we influenced each other and we still do.

Who inspires you outside of music?
Life in general, experiences, travelling, friends and family, impressions you make and you try to convert into your music.

What are the biggest three challenges facing you at this moment in time?
To dare to make music and earn your money with it, to start a family and the third challenge we are still working on!

And – deep question – what do you think are the biggest issues facing humanity in this day and age?
Unfortunately there are too many problems. Everyone has different issues and is focussing on them. But to run through the world with open eyes, to meet problems and to ask yourself what to do in this situation and if I could do anything against it with my behaviour, if I could change anything. It’s not about saving the world but doing your own portion for change!

What is the best event you’ve appeared at and why?
The one and only best event does not exist. We were playing on many very good, lovely small and big events. One event we are still thinking about for example is the Igloofest in Montreal where we played at -30 C.

On your SoundCloud page I read that you make “music for body and soul”. Is there is a spiritual aspect reflected in your music? And how does a musician even address the body and mind through music?

With music for body and soul, we mean simply that it’s our personal aim to create a sound that appears in a visualised way. Like moments where you’re closing your eyes to feel the music. That does not necessarily mean that we have a spiritual orientation. It’s just our own idea of moments and memories, which we try to capture in our sound.

More concretely, how would you describe the effect that your music should trigger for the listener?
As a musician you always wish, of course, to inspire people with your music. It’s a certain type of communication, a track can sweep an audience away. And it’s important to us to develop a certain kind of timelessness, which is something you can’t really plan. Sometimes you get the feeling you’re working in the right direction. But basically, we are pretty selfish when we are in the studio. We make our music in the first place for ourselves. With our concept, we try to implement our ideals without putting the focus too much on clubs and dancefloors. We try to avoid trends and we also attempt not to be influenced by the current music market.


If you could collaborate with ANYONE in the world (past or present) who would it be and why?

We don’t want to be too political so we won’t name anyone now. But there are definitely some people (past and present) that we would have loved to work together.

If you weren’t in the music game, what game would you be playing?
For sure Batman & Robin and we would rescue Gotham City!

Who gives you the most support in your life and work?
In our life for sure our friends and family, at work the macbook and our great team behind us!!

If you only had 3 months to live, what would you want to do with them? Would you hang out together?
The first month we would visit all the beautiful places again we have already been but had no time to stay as we were driving from the airport to the location and back. The second month we would hang out with friends and family in a house. But in the third month we we are getting nervous and we have to do what we have to do, play some gigs and to be on stage!


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