Let’s begin. You’ve already been in this industry for quite a long time. Do you still remember what first inspired you to produce music?

Mostly it’s other music that inspires us. Also in the beginning. Back then it were guys like Outkast and Bob Marley type of artists that were really inspiring.

What do you think makes you and your music unique from other DJs/producers?

I think we have a different approach with every track we produce. Like now with Lights Out it was a futuristic state of mind that us and Alvaro had in the studio that day. We wanted to work on something that was way ahead of it’s time.

Until now, what would you guys consider to be your career-defining moments?

We have several actually, but for our international break through the collabs we had with artists such as Major Lazer and M.I.A. have definitely been game changers.

What’s an important life lesson you’ve learned over the past year?

(Ruben): I just became a father a year ago. The biggest lesson so far is that having a DJ career and being a father, are very big responsibilities to combine. But i’ll make it work!

Give us a few more details about the track you are working on „Lights Out”. How did your collaboration came to be?

The track was already kind of there just sitting in Alvaro’s unfinished projects. When we heard it we wanted to finish it asap and let the world hear this new vibe.

I’ve seen that so far, you performed in a lot of cool places all over the world. Can each of you tell us a funny story from one of your shows?

I guess the time we played Australia for the first time was crazy. We didn’t know what to expect from our first tour down under. Eventually we were amazed by all the fans we had over there, really sick. Can’t wait to be back!

Right now, if you had the chance to change something about the music industry, what would it be and why?

I think we are just fine with everything as it is now. There’s a lot of talent out there that has a platform (the internet) to show the world what they’re capable of. That used to be very different in the past.

Good luck with all your future projects!


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