Luca Bacchetti is the first to admit it. Just as musical inspiration runs through his veins and is his very lifeblood, so too is a certain restlessness and a propensity for boredom for a singular musical output that accompanies it. There’s simply too much music to draw from and too much beauty in life that inspires creative expression – whether it be from art or through travel, both of which he embraces with the same lust that accompanies his inspiring sonic shapeshifting career over the past decade.

Luca, let’s start with your musical background …
I started my radio career in Italy. I worked twelve years as a speaker, so my background is very varied thanks to that. I used to listen to different types of music all the time. I started with Pop and then Drum and Bass, in the beginning of that scene.

So you’ve heard Plug?
Of course, all the broken rhythms of the boys in the UK. They were probably my first love. My first heroes in 1989 were Public Enemy, Beasty Boys and Run DMC: The Whole Old School. Because of this, my way of creating and producing music is influenced by them. My way of producing is very different and I keep the same Groove and attitude, but in a different way. For example, in my recent releases such as ‘Tango’ or ‘Loneness’, and earlier you can hear African sounds.

Your first releases are completely different, as with Crosstowns Rebels.
So is. The song ‘Tango’ was released with the label Crosstowns Rebels … And since we are in Argentina it seems ideal to talk about this since I am a great admirer of tango music, and by that time everyone was talking about sexy music. The idea made me bored. Why did it have to be sexy? I thought what we were looking for was something different: passion.

I have nothing against sexy music, but I felt the need for something deeper, something with passion. That’s why I created the theme ‘Tango’. For me it is a contribution to Argentina, especially because I am a lover of this genre.

In fact, a few days ago I bought a couple of vinyl records at a store here in Argentina. I was looking for something classic, wherever I go I try to find local music and now I have a huge collection in my house. It is both my work and my hobby: music.

In your apartment in Barcelona?
In Barcelona and in Italy. I have two apartments.

Do you have music from all over the world?
Yes, everywhere, because I still have enough space in Italy, so …

In the mountains? Do you usually make a lot of music there?
Yes, in Tuscany. We actually recorded ‘Tango’ there. It is a place where there is nothing, it is very inspiring because it is at the top where there is nothing. It is a beautiful place to recharge the energies after long tours. For example, in this opportunity I have been three weeks of tour in South America. It was amazing, all the concerts were great and the last, which was last night in Buenos Aires, was with Flying Circus and I started playing with them from the beginning. I am one of the first artists to start with them from the beginning.

Would you like to dedicate yourself to another type of art? You would also have liked … I mean that you are a DJ, besides playing and music, would you have liked to have dedicated to another type of art?

Sometimes I paint. Let’s say I’m not a professional painter, but I started when I was very young. I think since I was four years old.

You also have that facet … What did you draw? Abstract drawings?

It’s another facet. I remember how my teachers in primary school … (laughter) … did not trust that it was I who made the drawings. I was 5 or 6 years old and thought that it was impossible for a child to have the ability to create that kind of art. They were real drawings. I remember that on the first trip with my school, I was 6 years old, we went to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. When I came back, I drew the Tower of Pisa and the cathedral, when I saw the drawing, everyone thought that it was impossible for a six-year-old boy to have done it (laughs).

I am also an amateur photographer and I am collecting stories; I’m writing some.
In the end everything is related. I have been pricking for 20 years and painted for 25 years. I’m not a professional painter, more Dj / Producer, but I think everything is related.
When I do not have equipment available, after a few days I feel the need to express myself in a different way. Especially when you do not have to work with computers and there is no way to connect to the Internet, or use electricity.

This other question is a bit related to the first, Is there any other musical genre that you have not experienced until now but would you like to do?
Many. I’m always restless. Although all productions are Techno-House or electronic, it is always different, but I certainly would like to do something completely different. At the moment, I’m working with some friends of mine from Italy, they are jazz musicians, and we have a project called ‘In the Box’, which will be the next release of my record label: ENDLESS.

I did a remix for them that will be released next month, June 22. They are doing something very special. Electronic music is the music of the world; It’s a mix of everything. Right now I’m working with them, and I hope we can create something completely special and different in the future. It would be great something like an electronic album with jazz. I continue to search for unique sounds and new ways to create original songs, I do not want to create something that is a copy of a copy.

Do you play any instrument?
When I was 8 or 7 years old I used to play trumpet and clarinet. Although I almost forgot everything.

Last year you were in Aruba. The question comes because Danzeria was there, were you touring the Caribbean? Or just for a day?

No, I was not on tour. I love playing in this continent because there are a lot of beautiful places, and I love the Caribbean, the vibe, and in fact with ENDLESS we are right now discussing with my manager here in South America to organize a series of beach parties next year. That should be amazing, the wish list includes Brazil; I have been to Aruba of course, it is a beautiful place, and I was two weeks ago in Venezuela.

How would you say that ENDLESS differs from other record labels?
I think our way of being. I believe that one of the messages of music must be freedom. So, basically I think with ENDLESS we can do whatever we want. Musically we do not have any rules to respect, because sometimes when you send a track to a label, they like it, but they have a huge hive, they always follow a song, they focus on a single sound, like a specific sound, and this is the sound of the seal. Which is really important, let’s say for the market, but it’s not important for music, in my opinion.

It is more important for the business and the market, but in musical terms you feel the void, something is missing, because everything sounds the same and you are not able to leave these doors. With my seal, I try to keep my mind open. There is always something in common with any release, which is the relationship between a journey and music, but you can always be sure that the new version will be completely different from the previous one.

Are you trying to break the paradigm?
I try to follow my instincts, to go to my rhythm, without saying that we only make such type of music or such type of Techno. It could be interesting for the market; As we do not have a specific sound, with us always find something unexpected (laughs).

Your last production for ENDLESS, ‘Ovo’, You have defined it as a fusion of two worlds: the city and nature. Tell us about the production.
Yes, its dynamics are strange. It’s that when I’m here in Buenos Aires, in a beautiful city like this, I’m always busy, I travel, which is a pleasure, but sometimes I’m so tired and I start thinking about my home in Italy.

Then when I’m in Italy, I’m super relaxed in the mountains making music (I’m probably too relaxed), I get to think about when I’m on tour and in the confusion, the mess and I want to be tired, I want to be in the madness.

That is the same relation of these two different worlds. They help me create music, to find the inspiration that I need all the time.

When I was doing my last tour, which was in Central America in February, I went to Ecuador, Panama and Mexico. Being there touch a subject that was looking for a title, was the first time I put it. I was in a place in Ecuador, Lost Beach, which is an incredible place on the beach, when I played the track I realized that it is perfect for this type of situation, and it is my next theme that will be released in July. Although it is a good theme, it is perfect for this type of location, surrounded by nature, the beach, the jungle, which is the imaginary of ENDLESS and I said ‘ok, this is going to be like a tribute to South America and the title Is ‘Amazon’. It will be released in July. Yes, this is new news for you and your readers. They are the first to know.

Thank you. One last question, are there Argentine producers, or young producers, with whom you have worked or want to work?
Of course. I did a couple of EPs with Guti, who is from Buenos Aires, he is a good friend, an incredible musician and producer. I really respect several Argentine producers: Franco Cinelli, and I do not know if he’s Argentine, I think he’s Chilean, Felipe Valenzuela. And of course, Hernan Cattaneo.


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