Sum up a typical week for yourself in just 3 words?
It’s different all the time… By the way I can count, just couldn’t find the right 3 words!

Aside from racking up the world’s biggest air miles score – what are you currently working on?
I did spend a lot of time in the studio so there is a lot of new music out there and coming…

Your sound is traditional club music with all the highs, the lows, synths and all. What originally drew you to this type of music?
The energy of this music is just very unique and don’t forget back in the days electronic sounds where are not as familiar as they are now…

Do you remember your first club experience? Where was it and was it good, bad, or weird?
Yes I do, it was actually rather scary. When I started I mixed at home in my bedroom. So I took the bass out and the volume was rather low, so when I played in the club it was loud and I heard many things that were not there in my bed room…

Coming from Berlin, where would you say is the best club to go to in the city?
Its different all the time, I am not a fan of those over hyped venues in town. To me it’s more about who’s is playing than where it is…

As someone who regularly plays to some of the largest crowds in the world, how do you get ready for a show?
I sleep before the show and I try to be as prepared as I can be!

As a frequent flyer – what’s the three things you have to have with you when you’re travelling?
The love of my life, my phone and my equipment.

Being such a well-travelled person, where’s the place you’ve been that’s taken your breath away the most?
Colombia, it’s probably the most breathtaking country in the world.

Where’s the worst place you’ve visited?
I’d rather not mentioned the place but I, indeed have a list of never ever again places…

The best country for food?
Well, I love all kinds of Asian food but my favourite is the ceviche of my girlfriend so most likely it’s home…

The best place for parties?
Ibiza still is the best place to find the right balance between party and holiday…
unlike other place you can still find a lot of decent events there.

Tell us, what PvD’s idea of the perfect holiday?
Sleep, eat and exploration.


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