Hi guys. Firstly, congratulations on your DJ Mags ranking! How does it feel to put India on the electronic music map?

Thank you so much! A huge shout out to the Lost Stories family for the love and support. It means the world to us. It feels great to be on the Top 100 list along with some of the best artists around the globe. 8 years of hard work finally paid off!

Your official remix of Alan Walker’s Faded left quite the impact on listeners. How do you come to a consensus on which song would be prefect to remix?

Yes. We got an overwhelming response for our remix of Faded and we are so glad Alan Walker loved it. It’s really important for us to have an emotional connect with the track we choose to Remix. It’s mostly all about putting ideas in place after that.


You have set up the Lost Stories Academy in Mumbai, something nobody else has aspired to do yet. Tell us about the academy and inspiration to start something like it.

As Lost Stories, we receive a lot of questions on our social media about the music industry along with some very well-produced demos and mix tapes. There is so much of talent going unnoticed due to the lack of clarity on certain aspects of music production, Dj’ing and how the music industry works in general. Rishab and I have always be grateful to everyone for supporting Lost Stories and we think it’s time to give all the love and support back to the people who have supported us in our difficult times. We decided to start this academy to provide all the help we could by personally mentoring upcoming talent and help provide them with a platform to showcase their talent.

How different is the EDC experience going to be from your previous performances?

Expect a full blown audio visual set with a lot of unreleased singles, remixes and surprises. EDC is one of the best festivals, a brand every artist would wish to be associated with and we are going to make the most out it.

Any message for the hoards of fans coming to watch your performance.

We love to take our audience by surprise. Like always, expect the unexpected.



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