Brohn is a multidisciplinary artist who is firmly allied, Injecting an infectious yet emotive sound ethic into both his DJ sets and his productions.

Brohn’s introduction to music came via grunge and classic rock back in the nineties. In his youth he was inspired by bands like The Cure, Jane’s Addiction, INXS, The Stone Temple Pilots and a myriad of other such groups who all worked around melancholy melodies. The productions created by those bands resonated deeply with Brohn and he was hooked. By the late nineties he’d become immersed in the club scene in his native Sydney and his love for the music swiftly progressed from nights and days spent on the dance floor He subsequently launched his own parties, establishing Cult as a formidable force on the Sydney clubbing landscape.

By 2009 he’d become resident at Agwa, as well as landing a residency with Circoloco Australia. Traveling the world helped instil a broader perspective within Brohn’s output and he began to produce, as well as refining his skills as a DJ. The unsettling sound Brohn purveyed helped to attract a strong following of fans both on the dance floor and behind the scenes within the industry.

Brohn was a partner in No19. For many years, his love for the deep end of house and techno complementing the label’s sound ethic perfectly, bolstering Brohn’s already impressive résumé.

In 2014 he took the biggest step in his career thus far, leaving behind his life in Australia to set up shop in Barcelona and more recently Berlin. The move to Europe has proven to be a shrewd one, with gigs at Fabric and several at Watergate already in the bag. Accompanied by his worldwide appearances, which include Burning Man Festival (Black Rock City), BPM Festival (Mexico), Off Sonar (Spain), WMC Miami Winter Music Conference (USA), Stereosonic (Australia) and FMF (Australia).

As an extension of his creative output Brohn also designs clothing, jewellery and manages his own label, Breath & Stone, which gives him yet another string to his creative bow. Together with his individual take on house and techno, the label, and his own sense of personal style serve to reinforce his mystique and his unique profile.

Driven, innovative and humble, Brohn continues to move forward at an unrelenting pace with a whole host of opportunities on the horizon and a clear view of the future.


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