It’s all about the melody, as per upcoming Dutch dj duo Pep & Rash. The two young producers hailing from the south of the Netherlands have been making serious waves for some time now. After getting signed to Spinnin’ Records in 2014 it was their hit track ‘Rumors’ that really gained them the worldwide recognition they were after. Their incredibly unique way of producing tracks that cannot be put into one single category has deemed fit for radio as well as stages at the world’s premier events like Tomorrowland.

Jesse and Rachid, as their real names are, both come from a small town in the southern part of the Netherlands, Zeeland. After initially getting introduced to music by his father, who was a guitarist in world-renowned pop group Shocking Blue, Jesse’s soon caught onto producing electronic music together with lifelong friend Rachid. The two worked relentlessly on finding their own sound and not soon after, they were onto something. Once called Pep & Rash house by Rachid, the duo’s music is simply a thing on their own and it’s steadily becoming the sound of the future.

Hey, you just released your new track ‘Break Down’. How did you create this?

We just bought a new sample pack at that moment. (Kontakt 5). So we started to find a good sample! Then the inspiration for this track came, and we worked it out to the record you are hearing now.

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?

That we want to make good tracks for the clubs, music that DJs would like to support. This track is a good example of it, and by all the DJ feedback it’s received it looks like we succeeded in our mission.

The track is featured on Spinnin’s New Dance Music Friday playlist. How important is Spotify to you?

Very important, because streaming sites like Spotify that is the future!!!

What do you personally consider to be the most important moments in your artistic career?

After ‘Rumors’ was released, everything changed for us. It really pushed our name in the scene and we got booked all around the world.

Do you have some routines before gig?

We do some drinks and eat something, that’s it haha!

Since DJ Mag started to vote “Top 100 Clubs”, I want to ask you what are your favorite clubs and why?

Bootshaus in Cologne, Germany and Opium in Barcelona, Spain. Both great sound systems and a very energetic crowd!

What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and producer?

Everyone in the scene knows DJ Mag so it’s definitely a big thing for us!


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