While Jakarta’s Rich Chigga is a name thats getting the buzz about to town within Bali and around his homeland over the water in the biggest Java cities its about to hit the spotlight in a very bright way as he has just been recorded into the missing vocal part of Diplo’s controversial release ‘Bank Roll’ after the original preview featured the voice parts of Justin Bieber.

When the project first come to the www with much anticipated due to it star studded lineup with Young Thug and Rich Kid alongside Bieber on a few verses but not long after its upload on Diplo’s soundcloud it was removed due to other labels and artists having current exclusive deals in place.

Fast forward a few more weeks and the release has appeared again with Indonesia’s hottest import to the music industry right now. “Rich Chigga’ has actively been plugging away at his career since 11 years old with last year his track ‘Dat $tick’ put him on the radar of some big players like Wu Tang Clans Ghostface Killah who put his name to a remix on the package with the original video amassing more than 50 million views.

Check it out now and watch this space as there’s more Rich Chigga hype just around the corner.


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