Sweet like chocolate but Murdering Dem on the beats! With releases on Mad Decent, Mixmash & Dim Mak and her Loffit concept, she conquering the globe. After 10 successful years as an MC, Lady Bee (Bianca Latupapua) knows how to hype up the crowd and now she is determined to blow up the speakers in every club. This time not with her energetic & powerful voice, but with her unique combination of house, urban & dubstep beats. Her love for becoming a DJ grew in 2002. So Bee bought herself turntables and that’s when her love and passion for music became next level sh*t. Bee’s ten years of experience hyping the crowd definitely shows off in her DJ sets and wide taste in good music. Her unique style will literally drag you across the room. What to expect from her mixes? A feminine, sexy and tough mix with balls!! This lady is ready to be one of the few feminine DJ’s to conquer the world with her superb mixing skills and mind blowing productions. Her vibrant charisma is contagious and we’re convinced she’ll blow away the crowd.

Burgeoning producer Lady Bee spans the dance music spectrum with her bubbling catalogue, which ranges from feel-good tunes to buzzing future bass and trap pieces. Embracing her project’s fierce DIY-approach, Lady Bee has put up a brand new original titled “Rebel” alongside Jalise Romy on Spinnin’ Records’ Premium imprint, that represents the artist’s aesthetic with a boisterous new party-starter. Introduced with Jalise Romy’s on-point vocals, the track quickly evolves into an uplifting melodic trap tune before transforming into a rhythmic dance floor killer. Carried by majestic synths and tight hi-hat flurries, “Rebel” is a menacing trap hybrid that requires a healthy measure of dance floor elbow room. Best of all, the tune is being given away totally free of charge. With high-profile exposure from Spinnin’ Records as well as several upcoming tracks in 2017, Lady Bee is bound to have a breakout year. In celebration of her newest release, We Rave You had the opportunity to chat with Lady Bee about her inspirations, song-creating processes as well as future plans. Check out the interview below.

Congratulations on your latest track “Rebel” featuring Jalise Romy! Can you tell us a bit more about how this track came together and explain to us the creating process of the track?

Thank you, thank you. I’m so happy with this release!!

We started the project in August 2015 (almost 1.5 years ago haha!) when I got a request from my publisher to do a remix. The production turned out to be so good that I wanted to use the remix as my own new single, so I made a fresh, totally different remix for my publisher and kept the other one for myself. I sent the demo out to singers and songwriters, but Jalise still felt the absolute right fit for the track. We had a couple of sessions together in the studio figuring out the lyrics until we were finally happy to record, but once we’d got to that point the production felt outdated and we just weren’t happy with it. After seven different drops we finally found the perfect combination, a pop song with future trap influences.

While producing new tracks, is there anything you’ve learned from your own previous releases that you now put into your current work?

I’ve learned that every detail, every edit, every FX and fill is WAY more important that I used to think, so these days I definitely spend a lot more time immersed in those. For me, it means that I still hear new things every time I listen to it – the 10th time or the 20th! – and it keeps things interesting. I have to give a huge shout out to my partner-in-crime Tommy Rocks for this, I’ve learned a lot from him.

What would you say is the origin of Lady Bee?

Oh for sure that’s UK garage and 2 Step. I started out as an MC hosting for DJs and it would be mostly on top of UK garage music. I really love the grime part about it all.

It used to be that female DJs in electronic music got overlooked a lot in the industry. Do you think there have been more opportunities for female DJs lately?

Hmmmm – if I’m honest, I think there are always opportunities for everyone if you really want it. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, you just have to work hard and stand your ground, really push to develop your talent, then anything is possible!

How has your career changed since you first signed with Spinnin’ Records two years ago?

These 2 years have been crazy! I’ve grown as a DJ, as an artist, and a lot as a producer. If you listen to my music from 2 years ago, and then compare it with my releases now, you can hear how much of an intense period of growth there’s been for me.


Well, I grew up with music, so it’s been around me since I can remember. My father had a band, and I learned to play the guitar when I was 14. When I started as an MC I recorded my own vocals at home and then worked together with other producers – collabs with amazing guys like Hardwell, Laidback Luke and Sidney Samson – so I was already familiar with music programs and studio sessions. But there just came a point that I got fed up with MCing – I felt like I couldn’t express myself musically. I wanted to make my own music and play my own music, instead of only hosting for other DJs. I wanted to get in on all the fun!

Can you tell us what’s coming next for you and your career? Any major projects in 2017?

Yesss! A lot of new releases. My next release is on May 16th with Trap Nation, I’ve also got a collab with Tropkillaz coming out on Trap City and a collaboration with Wide Awake coming out on Dimmak.


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