Proving that opposable thumbs or a basic grasp of the human language are not necessary prerequisites for EDM domination, allow us to introduce to you Bear Grillz – he’s certainly not your standard 28 year­ old grizzly bear…

Hailing from Yosemite national park, Grillz’s story begins on a typical afternoon spent growling at marmots and eating tourists. While busy trying to digest one particularly tricky mountain climber, he discovered amongst his possession something called a ‘MacBook Pro’. Fast forward 9 months, 6,000 YouTube tutorials and a duck later and we have the latest and greatest addition to the world of EDM.

Not long after his first debut EP, Grillz is now playing sell out shows across North America and heading to Europe and Australia for his first headlining tours. Needless to say, this bear is here to stay in the electronic music scene!

What kind of Bear are you exactly?

I have no fucking idea. I was abondoned as a child, di I look like a fucking naturalist?

What is it like being the only real bear in the scene? Do you think you inspire other park animals to make music?

I’m sad to say it’s already happening, there’s a squirrel down the path from my cave who thinks he can make ‘hench trap’. It’s just shit, basically just him wubbing some wet leaves together.

Your chain looks super expensive, are you ever scared somebody stealing it? Maybe Getter or 12th Planet?

I can’t really imagine anyone getting away with stealing it, the initials give it away a bit. Maybe Borgore or Bill Gates but anyone else would just look like an idiot.

The new album ‘Bear Grillz & Friends Vol. 2’ is full of collabs, everybody wants to work with Bear Grillz but who does BG want to work with?

Right now, I have my sights set on working with Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Tiesto & Deadmau5. I have sent carrier pigeons in their direction.

Working with all of those artists must have been really inspiring, what else inspires you to make this heavy music for people?


The last ‘Bear Grillz & Friends Vol. 1’ has lots of different genres but stays true of dubstep. What do you consider your sound to be like, please describe your “sound” to us?

I would say I have a very unique approach to music. Many people are hailing for me as a pioneer in the scene, or a ‘breath of fresh air’. I would like to think that I am going against the flow and doing my own thing. I want to leave the lasting impression as being a visionary as my legacy.

The quality & sounds of your songs are super clean, do you have another artist master them for you or does Firepower have an audio engineer on hand?

Everything is done by me. I even make all the cassette tape recordings for Firepower, which they said were ‘unnecessary’ but I think it’s important not to leave anyone out. Anyone who wants a copy of The High Grade on cassette. I have 4,999 copies still in stock, get in touch at the usual address.

People think that Bear Grillz is a publicity stunt by Firepower Records but obviously your music stands for itself, do people not take Bear Grillz seriously enough?

Yes, because they’re racists. Just because who I am, doesn’t make me any less of a musical genius/visionary.

What made you want to create controversial cartoon series along with your music?

That was also my idea, obviously. I have a team of children who work tirelessly day & night hand-drawing all of my footage. I asked Disney if they were interested in the rights but apparently it was too ‘crude’ and had ‘serious copyright implications’ whatever that means.

Who are some of you major influence right now in music? Is there any artists that completely blow you away?

I would say Mimosa is an inspiration at the moment. That guy is such a role model. I also like all of Katy Perry’s latest trap bangers. That shit is RAW!

Last, how wild do you get during your show?

Come and see.


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