Curbi is a prodigy the world can’t stop talking about. The 18 year-old DJ/producers passion to evolve his own unique sound is stronger than ever, while he continues to prove himself as a leading name in electronic music’s next generation. Only a few short years ago, at the tender age of sixteen, Toby (from Halsted, United Kingdom) signed to the world’s leading dance music label Spinnin’ Records and renowned artist agency MusicAllStars Management, becoming an instant hit across the globe. His breakthrough followed tremendous support for his debut single ‘Discharge’, which gained over 7 million plays and catapulted him into the spotlight. The music never stopped, with Curbi dropping incredible releases one after another. ‘Hoohah’ with Fox Stevenson (10 million plays), ’51’ (3.5 million plays) and latest solo release ‘Shinai’ (1.5 million plays) are just a small selection of his impressive musical achievements so far. Curbi also just dropped an explosive summer jam with Mesto called ‘BRUH’ which is climbing in plays as we speak.

Where did the name Curbi come from?

From my last name: (Cur)wen-(Bi)ngley

What are some of your biggest musical influences behind your sound?

Super hard energetic music. Hardcore really introduced me to the world of Dance Music. But now I am listening to anything and everything which helps develop my sound even more.

How were you discovered by Spinnin?

I sent tons of demo’s to Oliver Heldens in 2014, then I sent this one track: ‘Discharge’. He told me he really liked it, he then sent that track to Spinnin’ and they wanted to sign me 🙂

Your new song “BRUH” with Mesto is a summer banger. You are only 18 and Mesto is only 17, that is incredible. How did this song come about and did you guys know each other before this track?

Me and Mesto spoke to each other online for quite a while before we started our collab. He would send me his tunes on a regular basis and I really liked his ideas! Fast forward to last years ADE and we began working on a track. Now ‘Bruh’ is born! Shoutout to Mesto, love the guy!

What does this summer have to hold for Curbi?

A lotttt of exciting shows which I’m super buzzed for. Will be playing a lot of new music at the shows too, so make sure you’re there! And yeah, of course some new releases which is going to be awesome!

​What are some things you enjoy to do when your not making music?

Travelling, eating food, playing games, doing shows.. anything! Just having fun with life!

What’s your favorite home cooked meal, and what is your favorite junk food?

Home cooked meal would probably have to be Risotto, and junk food would have to be Pizza of course haha.


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