Sacrificing a social life in order to further her musical career, 19-year-old Isabelle Rezazadeh (aka REZZ) slaves away in the studio where she spends most of her time producing heavy, dark, weird, psychedelic beats. Her appreciation for the darker sider of electronic music stems from the artists she is inspired by, which includes a lot of my personal favorites: Gesaffelstein, Alesia, Oliver, and many others. She has an impressive portfolio of music, accomplishing feats that even more seasoned artists have difficult doing: producing great original mixes almost every week or several times a month. Having been featured on and many other popular dance music blogs, the Dance and Rave team forsee a bright future for the Niagara Falls, Canada native.

As an artist how different is festival life compared to smaller shows?

It’s very different, when you are playing festivals with other artists the chances are not everyone will know you so you can walk around and not everyone will recognize you. When you play smaller shows the people there have paid to see you and they know who you are.

I feel you have a distinct sound. Is that something you are trying to develop intentionally?

I wouldn’t say I sit there and try to make something dark its more what naturally comes out of me. Me as a person I am a very happy person for the most part. My music doesn’t depend on my mood. My music comes from my vision. Here at a festival I will play some really heavy tracks to keep it up beat but if you come to a late night set you are going to hear the weirdest, darkest, kind of slow, groovy, chill, head bobbing music.

What was the inspiration behind The Deafening?

I think it just came out of me naturally like most other songs do. A few of those songs were newer songs. I think Lost and Edge were some of the newer songs but Methodology was like a year old and then I released it as part of the EP. For example, I have this other EP coming out called something wrong here. It is a six track EP, called Something Wrong Here, and every song is totally different, very dark and un comparable.

When does the new EP drop?

October 7th… I am just hyped man… for a couple reasons, I mean I love the sound and I dig the music but also because the branding behind the EP, the artwork is just ridiculous. The artwork of the EP itself is going to draw attention the EP. The artwork is just in your face and the coolest shit I have ever seen in my life. Since then the artwork has been released and I agree… It is bad ass.

What is it like to work with the guys over at Mau5trap?

They have definitely been really helpful in my career. If not for them I would not have played Tomorrowland this year, or tour with Deadmau5, they released some EP’s of mine and now this New EP. They have raised my credibility. Maustrap is a very respectable label that does not just release anything they release what they think is quality.

Where do you consider home now? How much of your time do you allocate to being creative and also finding inspiration from others?

I consider Mississauga home now because I just moved there. I’m working on new stuff every second of every day that I have off from touring.

What do you listen to outside of electronic music?

Just random stuff. Preferably chill music on the darker side. I like listening to film soundtracks too for inspiration.

Tell me a bit about your collaboration with K?D on ‘Fourth Impact’. How did you two decide to collaborate?

It happened so fast. He made a track and people said “it sounds like something you would like.” I heard it and then contacted him and we made a song the next day. He sent me a small idea and we went from there.

What’s up with the light up goggles? Is there any significance behind them?

Hypnosis is rad. I feel hypnotized when I listen to amazing music. I wanted that to be evident through the goggles.

As a female in the industry, do you think you’ve faced any challenges that most of your male counterparts have not?

Maybe sometimes people doubt it’s me making the music but it isn’t doubted often, so I really don’t mind. I enjoy being a woman in the industry.


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