Barak Argaman and Nadav Bonen make up both popular psytrance projects X-noiZe and Major7. The duo met around the year 2003 and after a successful studio session decided to form a more permanent project to showcase their talent. X-noiZe surged onto the scene with releases such as Mental Notes, Revolver and Clockwize on HOM-Mega Productions. In 2010, the duo created a progressive psy side project called Major7. MAJOR7 is the second project from both talented electronic producers Nadav Bonen & Barak Argaman, the same 2 persons that stand behind X-noiZe (Hommega rec). MAJOR7 founded at the end of 2010, as a low b.p.m(132 –138) progressive psytrance project that use a variety of techno elements along with psychedelic atmosphere. It is prog psy trance with a modern progressive club beat, dancy and refreshing it integrates power and force with a moderate tempo groove and fresh techno elements of futuristic music, characterizing the next generation of progressive trance sound. As it was and is with these 2 guys – the production level, the experience as producers, and their dj skills, along with their originality and the need to push themselves to Excellency – drive them constantly to create quality electronic music. MAJOR7 started performs around the world , after releasing just 2 EPs. The first EP of Major7 that got released jump them strait up to place number 2 on beatport psytrance top 100. They released 2 EPs – ‘Coming Up’ and ‘Heavy Doses’ in 2011. In 2012, they released their 1st album ‘Rezonance’.

How did you decide on the names X-noiZe and Major7?

X-noiZe was called after we used a plugin in Cubase which reduces some of the white noise from voice samples. We thought it would be a cool name for our project. As for Major7, we picked up something from the world of music – it’s a name of a chord. Major also sounds like a name with power.

Tell me about how you got involved with the HOM-Mega Productions and Iboga Records family, arguably two of the best labels at the moment?

We are always aiming high, and HOM-Mega Productions was our main goal when we started. We knew if we got there it would be the best place to distribute our music for our X-noiZe project. Regarding Major7, almost 10 years after we wanted to do the same thing and we aimed to get the best progressive trance label, Iboga Records.

You formed Major7 to focus on more progressive sounds. Why did you decide to create a more progressive project, and do you think progressive is high in demand at the moment?

It’s definitely really popular right now all around the world. We felt that we need to do a little bit different style of music in order to feel better with ourselves. We thought that we had a good chance to do something original and new in the progressive Psy style.

Your debut album entitled Rezonance was voted best Iboga Records album of the year on the Iboga Facebook page. Were you surprised at all by the reception, considering it was your debut?

We knew that we are making a high quality music with a new direction of prog which was aimed to be a dance floor smasher. We were aware of the fact that we can lead in sound production as well – and that is an important fact. We followed the same concept of the 2005 X-noiZe album Mental Note, just with the spirit of today. Knowing that we are on the best label of progressive trance (Iboga Records) we knew that the album will get exposed and reach to many ears of listeners around the world.

Tell me a bit about the Rezonance track listing. The album features reworks of some tracks and a handful of interesting collaborations. I’m also interested to know, what’s the difference between a Major7 remix and a ‘Major7 and X-noiZe’ remix?

We chose some artists that we liked and whose work we appreciated a lot. We picked Egorythmia for his serious and heavy atmosphere for our track Excision and we remixed it together with him. With Captain Hook track we tried to do a more minimalistic remix. With Black & White we did the track Black7 which influenced by full-on. With Sub6 we tried to create something very original and new. Track 8 with Vertical Mode, who are our friends, we thought it could be a good collaboration and it ended up as number one on Beatport for more than a month. With Adi (D-Addiction) we collaborated on the track ‘Drugs’, which was the first track we did for the album. The Astrix track we pulled from the archive files that were supposed to be just for X-noiZe to remix and we gave it an updated colour of powerful prog music. We decided to do it as an X-noiZe and Major7 remix because the track came out as a crossover between progressive and full-on Psytrance.

Out of your 4 full length albums, which has been the hardest to write, and why?

Our second X-noiZe album Revolver which was released in 2007, mainly because of the big expectations after the debut album of X-noiZe.

During collaborations there’s at least three people involved, considering there’s two of you to start with. Can it sometimes create a bit of havoc, involving everyone’s opinion?

There is always havoc but we think that it always makes the track come out better. In the end everybody must be happy with the result, and if not, the track is not finished.

Thanks for the interview. Any last words?

We are coming with heavy artillery. Beware – it’s going to rock!


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