House music is coming back in a fresh new guise, and Dutch duo Bougenvilla is surely one of its faces. Not bothered by any limitations when it comes to underground versus mainstream, Rotterdam residents Shefida Nagel and Jeremy van der Hoeven combine everything that’s made dance so appealing throughout the years. Bringing together classic vibes as well as the sounds from deep and future house, here’s a duo that knows the craft of getting dance floors in a frenzy.

Teaming up a couple of years ago, it was definitely a match made in Rotterdam heaven. And immediately it was clear Bougenvilla wasn’t planning to pigeonhole itself when it comes to producing music. Both Shefida and Jeremy have a background in several genres, finding common ground in the bass heavy house tunes they make today. The result, a duo that’s focused on the groove, while not afraid of raising a little hell once in a while.

Armed with a very distinctive trademark sound, their productions don’t go unnoticed, releasing music on imprints like Spinnin’ Deep and the Tiësto run label Musical Freedom (where the duo unleashes the Marc MacRowland collab ‘Voodooz’ in February 2015). Meanwhile their hot blooded performances behind the decks do the rest of the job, Bougenvilla simply is the go-to act when it comes to exciting new sounds.

After becoming a known name in Holland, playing gigs at renowned events and venues like Mysterious, Madness, Club Escape and Rotterdam stadium De Kuip, now Bougenvilla is shaping up to conquer the rest of the world. Signing to well-respected booking agency 010 Bookings and artists management MusicAllStars in January 2015 rises the buzz around their name even more.

So, not afraid to raise hell, a trademark sound that’s going places and high energy behind the decks -the book of Bougenvilla is about to tell an exciting story. And, with ‘Voodooz’ gaining widespread support, it looks like the guys are about to set sail on new international adventures. So yeah, only a matter of time before Bougenvilla hits a dance floor near you.

You play a lot of shows in Amsterdam. Would you say there is a big difference in the south of Holland?

I think people in this part of the Netherlands are more excited than in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. In my opinion there is a big difference.

You are one of the artists to watch for the 2016 festival season and just got signed to Spinnin’ Records. When did all of this start to happen?

I think this was 2 years ago when we started to produce house music. A friend of us, Olivier Heldens, liked one of our tracks and was posting about it. We started to upload things to Souncloud and people were following us. That’s the beginning of everything. Then Spinnin’ and guys like Don Diablo started to notice us.

Spinnin’ receives thousand of promos each day. How did you get noticed?

Thats a very difficult question. The best advice I can give is to keep sending stuff. I think the A&R is always checking their mail. If it’s a good track, they will definitely contact you. And it’s also important to get support from the bigger artists. In our case Spinnin’ saw that we were supported by the guys like Oliver or Don Diablo, which showed them the success of our music.

You mention Olivier Heldens a lot and just had a release on his label called “Break it Down”. Do you and Oliver have a long lasting relationship from the past? How did this come along?

We made something and normally when we finish a track we send it to Oliver, because we want some really honest feedback. He liked the track and suggested a release on Heldeep. For us this was a really rough track, more the Bass House which we normally don’t play, but the track has a lot of energy and that’s why it works so well.

Another big track of yours is your track called Butterfly Effect, which was played all over the place. What’s the story behind this track?

This is a collaboration with Curbi. Our history together is from the time before Spinnin’ Records. We knew each other and he also signed to Spinnin’ on the same day as we did, so we said that we need to do a collaboration together. And this was the track that came out if it.

Would you say that Butterfly Effect is your breakthrough track?

No, I think Homeless is the track which put us on the map. We still see that we’re getting a lot of booking request only because of Homeless

Is the Homeless sound your signature sound?

No, actually not. We only made this track for fun, and in the beginning I didn’t even like it. But I started playing it and also Oliver Heldens liked it and he thought that it would also work on the dance floor. We changed it a bit and it worked well.

Let’s tale a bit about the project Bougenvilla. How did you and Jeremy get together?

We met eight years ago on a music forum and started sending tracks to each other. After 5 years we had the idea of doing something together, so we created Bougenvilla. This was 3 years ago. At the beginning he only did the melodies and I did the rest of the track and now he is doing most of the production and I focus more on the performances.

Was that because Jeremy is not really the performance type of person?

When we started to make music together I also started to deejay. My thoughts when playing are that I have different energy levels in my set and if I add someone to my set it can become weird. I for example work from A to B, but when playing with Jeremy for example it might become and A to D. We tried it out and it didn’t really work.

Bougenvilla is a funny name. It’s different. Who came up with this name?

I came up with the idea. It’s actually the name of a plant. We were searching for a name but couldn’t really find anything. After a couple of days of brainstorming I came down the stairs at my parents place and they were watching this garden show. I heard the name Bougainvillea, the name of the plant, and I liked it. The new name was born, only with a slightly different spelling.

Someone told me that there was this one guy who Tattooed your logo on his arm. Have you ever imagined that two years ago?

I was so scared when I saw this and couldn’t sleep for a few days. Also because we want to change our logo a bit to keep it fresh and actually at the same day someone tweeted us a picture with this tattoo on his arm I asked the guy if it was real and he told me that its totally real.


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