Dash Berlin sound are a trio that have true DJ at heart with a profound passion for the comprehensive culture of dance music. They often described as an invigorating and charismatic newcomer, with the unique ability to leave a long-lasting impression upon his audience well after the night is over. Dash Berlin sound is one of those rare individuals that seems to understand the unwritten laws of the nightclub by nature. He keeps his ever expanding, nocturnal following alert, ecstatic and craving for more, with remarkable precision and skill. However, the truth remains that Dash Berlin views the world through the same eyes as his public.

You’re the face of Dash Berlin. How did you guys decide that it has to be you?

Jeffrey Sutorius: We are together as a cohesive structure. You have to see that Dash Berlin is a group of friends who just really like what they do and are good at it. I’m just a piece of the pie. I really like DJing – that’s my core – and many years ago I made my first step into production. You can see me as the antenna getting input for new music – that’s very important – and combine that with DJing, that’s an ideal combination for me personally.

When was the exact moment that Dash Berlin became more than just a hobby?

Jeffrey Sutorius: It happened kinda spontaneously, actually. When [Sutorius, Kalberg, & Molijn] first finished “Till the Sky Falls Down,” it was just a fun project we did at the time, mostly because Kalberg & Molijn were busy working with Sander Kleinenberg. But when a friend heard it and thought it was original and quite good, we sent it over to a record company. Soon it got picked up, and then people began asking the question, “Who/What is Dash Berlin?”


It sounds like there’s a lot of trust between you guys!

Jeffrey Sutorius: We accept, owe, and earn each other everything – We’ve been friends from day one, so we have much less of a business relationship and much more of a friendship, and with that, a lot of passion in creating new music as well.

How do you keep in touch with the group’s productions while on the road?

Jeffrey Sutorius: We work over the internet, sometimes we Skype. That works perfectly. We have our main studio in The Hague, by the sea, and that’s essentially where everything is finished. We all have our own ears, and we all know how everything has to sound when we are in that room. The thing is, you can only work on so much while travelling, but eventually, the end station is always the studio.

What do you think of the current EDM scene?

Jeffrey Sutorius: I think the current EDM scene has become a following like no other. In a way, you could call it the new pop music because everybody listens to electronic music. A lot of new music is being produced out there and there’s a lot of competition so it brings the level up. And electronic music is constantly reinventing itself. If it’s not the music or the sound, it’s the makers of the software; people are always finding new ways to make sounds and that’s what’s pushing electronic music constantly forward. It’s really inspiring.

What do you listen to besides EDM?

Jeffrey Sutorius: That’s a funny question. I’m looking at my phone right now. I’m just gonna randomly say what I have in my album list here. There’s some Alicia Keys here, Beastie Boys, Brandon Flowers, Delphic, Goldfrapp. I also listen to Korn, Kodaline and Radiohead. I love Nicki Minaj’s new album. I also have Sam Smith, The Script and the list goes on and on. I just love listening to music every second of the day because there’s so much great music out there.

Who would be a dream to collaborate with?

Jeffrey Sutorius: I’d love to collaborate with big bands such as Coldplay, U2 and also Band of Horses, Kodaline or The Script.

What do you think the EDM scene needs more and less of?

Jeffrey Sutorius: If I could wish for something more, then it’s for the dance genre to get more airplays on the radio. I’ve mentioned that a lot more people are listening to it now but in terms of airplay, it could use a little more.


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