Zero f*cks given – some would argue that’s the mantra when it comes to the Cut Snake way of life. “It’s about enjoying the moment and having a great time,” Paul “Fish” Fisher explains of his group with Leigh “Sedz” Sedley. However, it’s worth noting that there are, in fact, a few fucks the guys do give when it comes to their music. Which they have no problem showing.In the studio, Sedz and Fish channel their unabashed, fuck-all attitudes into tracks like their sultry debut single “Face Down”, and the lush vocal cut “Echo”. The guys coin an atmospheric and deep-leaning sound that’s suited to no one particular environment. As Fish tells it, “you should be able to enjoy it everywhere.” Mates since childhood, Cut Snake grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia; surfing professionally and competing against each other from the time they were 12. In this time, they developed the hilarious banter and incredible dynamic that is still prevalent in interviews and on stage. The guys got into dance music while they were touring the world for surf contests and quickly grew passionate about the underground scenes from each country they visited. With plenty of time waiting for waves, they fine-tuned their production skills from beachfront bungalows, giving their music a fresh feel and their live show a vibe like no other. Outside of their wildly successful surf careers, Sedz channeled his passion and focus for the sport into his music production, and for that he’s known as the “mad scientist” of the duo. Fish is known for his web series, His wild personality and contagious laugh have made him one of the biggest personalities in the surfing industry to date. Now that Cut Snake has relocated stateside and inked a deal with Three Six Zero / Warner Bros. Records, the guys flout the seriousness of the scene in every way possible. Their crazy video antics have amassed a cult following in their home country of Australia and given the guys an edge on US turf. The edge, of course, is in teaching their American audience how to take a break from their day jobs and have a fucking beer…or seven.

How did you guys initially link up?

S: We met originally when we were about 12 or 13, and we were both starting to surf professionally, both of us, and I guess we started traveling together, picked up the same sponsors, and we were traveling the world together for surfing. That kind of just spiraled somehow into music. So now we are all about the music.

F: That was it really. We started getting into music, started making it, playing it, hanging out with it, so yeah, we formed a fucking group, and here we are!

So between the two of you, who is the better surfer?

F: You gotta ask us that when we’re not together mate! I’m probably the best, actually, yeah. I don’t know. Back in the day, Sedz was pretty good, but now he can barely paddle mate! Nah, Sedz pretty much took the only title that I was ever going to win back in the day. So, I guess we haven’t had a heat in a couple of years, but that is the one I remember. He’s pretty good at what he does.

S: We still have to have a rematch one day, Fish! I’ll do it now, while you’re surfing so good!

When did you two first discover clubbing?

F: In my town where I grew up. I think it was a festival, to be honest, I went to this thing called The Big Day Out. There was this tent called the Boiler Room, started listening to some house music in there, I think that was my first big clubbing experience, right there in that Boiler Room tent.

A Boiler Room stage? That’s where you guys started?!

S: Pretty much! They hosted a stage at the Big Day Out Festival. I remember bumping into Fish, about age 14 or 15, we both jumped the fence at Big Day Out, and we bumped into each other at Carl Cox, it was pretty hilarious.

F: Carl Cox was one of those ones, and then there was this local club in my home town that I started bumping out to there, and then we went around the world and we fucking checked out some other places. But it started on the Gold Coast, where we are from, pretty much!

S: When we first started clubbing, or whatever you call it, when we were young, about 16, in Australia we start a lot younger there, so it was more just about getting drunk and finding girls than it was about the music. Until we were about 18 or 19, it was still about the girls and getting drunk, but the music started to become more of a thing going out.

So I’ve heard that there is a house music scene within the Australian surfer community.

F: Fuck, it’s pretty big right now! Where I’ve been staying in Sydney, it’s like Northern Beaches, and it’s pretty much a surf rat fucking place, everyone hangs on the beach, but everyone loves that kind of music, it’s so weird. I don’t know how it got there or how they found them, but I mean, it’s starting to get that popular, its crazy!

S: Even where I’m from, on the Gulf Coast, it is starting to happen. Because everything used to be so commercial, you know? But that’s not the case anymore though, it’s wild! And it is so wild because the kids that are listening to it at 18 or 19, so young, and they just love it! It’s everywhere there, and it’s sick! There used to be bands, and shit like that, and now there are DJs!

That is happening in the US too, especially with tropical house.

S: Yeah! San Diego is pretty switched on with that stuff. You have it up here too, but down in SD it is for sure.

They definitely go trop in SD.

S: There are a bunch of guys doing good parties down there. There is you guys, and Bang Bang, obviously. There are a bunch of different guys down there that are really pushing it, so there is a massive scene down there.

It’s cool seeing the music industry cultivating in a city such as SD as opposed to LA or SF.

S: It’s pretty funny too, even Sydney and here as well, everyone who runs those parties surfs! They say, “Oh yeah, you surf?” Then you start talking about surfing, it is so funny. It cracks me up that everybody loves the music and does that as well. The guy that runs all of the parties in Sydney that I know is a mad surfer, it’s cool!

That’s dope. A rainy day in Hawaii lead to the both of you going out in search of your first midi controllers. What is the story behind that and what gear did you guys purchase.

F: There was just no waves on the North Shore. The waves were shit, it was raining, and we went into town and we were listening to that music at the time and we thought it would be cool to get into it. So we found these $100 fuckin’ – what were they Sedz?

S: It was like a… I’ve still got it, it’s in a box, I need to find out what it is. It was this little stereo plastic mixer thing, and it came with like some software and shit.

F: So we went back home, we were both sharing a room, and we started making some sets and shit. It was pretty funny, actually. One night, I don’t know what happened, but someone left me in charge of the house, I don’t how, and we had this fucking party, and everyone came, and we were on our little midi controllers going mad! It was fucking epic.

F: That was it really, we just started using them. I was the first person to buy a set of decks, and then Sedz bought a set of decks, and it was on!

At the time, how did you guys balance being professional athletes while partying all the time?

S: It’s just easy to do that shit when you’re young! I mean, partying, waking up, and doing what you gotta do is just easier. You still find time to balance, it’s not like we were partying every single night. In Australia it’s different! I swear, in the states, people are out every bloody night of the week, but in Australia you wait until your Friday or Saturday or Sunday and then you absolutely go mad. But through the mid-week, you are just kind of cruisin’.

F: It was good too, because when you weren’t competing, you would be doing circuits. You will be surfing, like, 6 hours a day, so every hour you would have beers, put you on a circuit, and you would be like lets go check out the nightlife and have a good time with the crew. When you around good people and good energy, too, everything just kind of works out, it’s good shit! You don’t really think about it, you just get it done.

Sounds fun as fuck to be honest.

F: And when we were competing, we would surf, and when the contest was over, we would run a riot, it was good!

What events specifically lead you guys to stop surfing professionally and start pursuing music full time.

F: Mate, I just loved music so much, and Sedz and I, we were reaching a good time where good things were happening with the people that were just helping us out. We were just trying to get into something different. We never thought we would quit surfing and never surf again. We just thought we would see where DJing takes us. I still come home to Australia, so I’m still surfing every day, it’s not like I’m not doing it. It was just a change, really, something different.

S: It was just that time in our lives, when we transitioned, pretty much. We weren’t getting any better at surfing, and the young kids were just starting culminate us! So it was time to find a new career, and music was just kind of taking off for us, so we were able to transition kind of smoothly, we were pretty lucky.

F: It was really lucky. We met people who were into surf that were into the music scene and they just really helped us out. So yeah, it just happened really, but fuck!

S: It was a lot of hard work though!

F: It hasn’t been roses the whole way. People don’t realize that we have been doing it since we got here. We never thought, “we are going to be DJs and be successful next week.” We have been playing shitty gigs. There were some funny ass gigs that we played. Shit like that.

S: We have been DJing and making music for probably close to ten years now.

F: So, it was only the last two years that people have started to notice us and ask if we are going to take this seriously. So we thought, “Fuck, lets do this then!”

It’s interesting, because a lot of time, you hear of “hot new artists”. You guys are still considered new, but you have put in a decade of work prior to this. I see it happen all the time.

F: It’s pretty funny. Even with our track, “Face Down,” that track has been around for fucking ages. We needed the right people to push the song. Shit like that. Shit like that, you know what I mean? Some of the music has been around for a while, but people are kind of getting along with it now.

Even if you have talent, you need to get lucky too. I see talented artists who haven’t broke yet, and you get this feeling that they are going to – something is bound to happen.

F: There are just so many good artists too!


F: You don’t realize how many people are doing music, there are so many artists, it’s crazy!

S: Especially now, it is so much more accessible!

You can sit down and download good music forever. You will never run out of good music to find.

S: The thing is, these days, kids can jump on a computer and download an app, and instantly be making music. You can download Logic in half an hour, and start making music! Crazy.

You guys love to do what you call, “shoeys,” which is when you pour an entire beer into your shoe and chug it down. That’s disgusting. Why do you guys do shoeys?

F: Aw mate, don’t fucking as me. My mates at home just started doing them at the pub on a Friday. I’ll start drinking beers and then start drinking some shoeys. They started doing shit where one of them would come back from work, after standing in their work boots all day, like fuckin’ shit. It just got out of hand, people were doing the gnarliest shit. And then it just got around to my friends that were doing it, and it just caught on. I don’t know how many shoeys I’ve done in the last 6 months, but i swear I’ve got tenure on my throat. Yeah, it’s gnarly!

Has anyone gotten sick?

F: Nah! No one has gotten sick!


F: Mate, when you get it, you gotta chug it, so you don’t get anything. But I don’t know, there has been some awful booze.

S: That’s the type of weird shit that goes viral in Australia.

F: It’s pretty funny. I don’t know, Seds, some of these American kids are fucking wild on the shoeys too! These college fucks. I don’t even know how to describe it, some of the concoctions I’ve seen with shoeys… How do these cunts think of this shit!

F: But now I go to a show, and I just expect it. Even Seds will ask, “how many shoeys are we going tonight?” And I’ll think, “I don’t know…” Some next level shit. I think I did seven shoeys the other night in Orange County. But I started throwing their shoes in the crowd, so they couldn’t find it, so people were walking around the party with one shoe one! It’s so funny, cunts are walking around with one shoe, they’ve just got no other shoe on, and I’m like “Yes.”

You guys seem to have a Yin-yang aspect about your relationship. How do you guys balance each other out.

F: I don’t know, to be honest, it’s so funny.

S: Deep down, we are the same kind of human. We have totally different personalities, but we always share the same views and thoughts. It’s a hard relationship to explain. We most always get along, but there are times that we don’t get along, but in the end, nothing really bothers us too much.

F: That’s sometimes the problem though, is nothing bothers us enough. Our manager will lose his fucking shit because nothing bothers us really that much. It gets to the point where I don’t give a fuck, and Sedz is the same, so I guess that’s what it is – nothing really bothers us. We don’t really give a fuck about much.

S: In the end, we are pretty cruise-y humans, so there is not really much that pisses us off. Every now and then between me and Fish we will have a little hissy-fit, and we won’t speak for 24 hours and then totally forget about it and things will be normal again. There will always be ups and downs, but we are pretty lucky that we get along so well, so it makes it easy, you know?

So Fish, You have a hilarious web series,, where fans can follow you on all of your crazy endeavors. One video features you riding waves on a surfboard finely crafted to look like a giant dick. As an artist, what is your inspiration behind, “DICK SURFBOARD?”

F: Mate, to be honest, I think it all just came from.. I had an injury. I had this thing coming up my finger, it was so gnarly. So I couldn’t go into the water, so I was super bored, and I had nothing to do. So the guys from my shaping sponsor, Super, they were like, “Fuck, come in, and do an episode shaping something. So one of us thought, “Let’s shape a dick.” To be honest mat, we did not think that that dick was going to come out that good, but it came out as one of the best dicks ever, and it fucking road like no other! Honestly, it was fucking heady! When I first road it, I thought “Wow, this dick works.” It’s true though, it fucking worked! And then I had a rainbow cock, and then I had a normal dick, and now I have to do one more. I need to do a black dick, and then I’m done.

F: From an artist perspective, I was just bored one day, a dick to my mind, and I just got original and just shaped a cock!

What are you guys currently working on in the studio and what can fans expect in the future?

S: We just trying to finish up an EP right now, hopefully get it released by early October. So, we are just finishing up with some minor touches with some vocalists, stuff like that right now. Excited to some new music out there, really.

F: It’s funny, because we’ve got around 10 songs that are pretty much done, we just little need bits and pieces from certain vocalists, and stuff like that, but we are pretty much on track for these five tracks to come out in October, and we’re pretty stocked on them. Also, we are focusing on choosing the right tracks for the EP, you know? To have a kind of have a bit of a vibe to it as well. But it’s pretty sick because we have been sitting on that music for so long, and we just want it to come out, and now it has a date and a plan, and it has been pretty sick watching it unfold!


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