Billy performed in a lot of European cities such as Istanbul, Prague, Barcelona and Frankfurt. Last year, he also left his mark in United States, Panama, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Billy The Kit’s latest tracks are released on Spinnin’, Musical Freedom, Universal Music, Mixmash, Hysteria Records, Flamingo Records, EMI and Dim Mak Records. Billy’s releases have resulted in several Beatport Top 50 chart positions and 6 top 10 hits including a #1 position in the Dutch charts. The recent release of 3 radio singles at major labels EMI, Positiva and Universal (PM:AM Recordings) lead to major successes, such as the anthem of the Dutch MTV’s awards, several guest appearances at national TV and radio shows, major support from the main radio stations including a Radio 538’s Dance Smash (most popular dance track in The Netherlands), a #1 position in iTunes Dance and #5 in the iTunes overall list and top positions at the DMC Buzz chart, Cool Cuts chart and the most important national (mainstream) chart; Top 40. Over the years Billy has released several songs and 3 mix albums, accompanied by successful solo tours throughout the entire country and 5 MTV’s European Totally Summer tours in Spain, Italy, Greece and Belgium.

Your track called ‘Loud & Proud’ has been released a couple of years ago, a coop with Blasterjaxx, how did this collaboration come about?

I was at a party in Rotterdam where Blasterjaxx turned for me. I already knew them from their productions and after the gig we started talking via Twitter. We agreed the week after to go into the studio together. Our studios turned out to be a kilometer apart!

How can you best describe about that track?

HARD! Very hard! There are elements of trance, hardstyle and electro. Really a track that many DJs can use well in his sets at the festivals.

The track ends with the label of Tiësto, Musical Freedom, that’s nothing!

That is indeed a great honor! Tiësto is, what I notice, very involved with the label and the A & R. He has also supported the track for a few months. Every time he spins the track at one of his concerts, I get a lot of messages via social media. The support list is already bizarre from Afrojack to Diplo and Hardwell to Steve Aoki!

The whole world is watching the Dutch DJ scene at the moment, what are your international ambitions?

They are sure! If I keep making good records and keep releasing on beautiful labels there is always a chance that you can go international touring. The competition is fierce, but that only gives extra drive to make better records and do your best!

What is your strength as a DJ do you think?

I still think to make a party with the audience and the technical part of the running. I started as a DJ not as a producer and I now play sixteen years. The new technical possibilities with the Pioneers and rekordbox are great, you can do so many creative things live. I do not see that too often with colleagues. On the other hand, many colleagues have a big lead with producing because they started out as producers.

What is one of the best experience that you can tell us?

When I’m working on the successor to ‘Burn It Down’ (Dance Smash at 538) that has been released on PM: AM Recordings from Universal where I signed for my radio releases.

Last, what would you like to share with our readers?

Enjoy the many and beautiful festivals that we all have.


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