Howl Ensemble it’s a core of conscious improvisation; it’s free expression of two guys with a solid background and a long walk through the paths of electronic music, a need to express themselves, to speak through music. HOWL it’s not just a label, but a state of mind. During the last two years, Giovanni Verrina & Germano Ventura , that’s the two names behind Howl Ensemble, released several tracks on some of the most important label of the european underground scene, such as All Inn, Nervmusic,The Untold Story, 0300f, Nilla and HOWL itself. Recently they released their last work on Infuse, label of the homonym historical party in London. They also collected several international experiences, playing in important scenery like Fabric (London), Circoloco DC10 (Ibiza), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Tresor ( Berlin), Kristal (Bucharest), Arma17, Gipsy, Rodnya, Gazgolder, Phanotmas (Moscow), Closer (Kiev) Festival like Outline (Moscow), Sziget (Budapest) Amore (Rome) Kazantip (Ukraine).

in 2016 Howl Ensemble return to Nilla marking the 10th offering from the label who have released music from respected artists such as Nastia, Roustam and Roger Gerressen. The sub label of All Inn Records, Nilla has continued to push both new talent and well-known names by creating an outlet which aims to serve the cravings of everyone from the DJ to the record collector to the audience. Howl Ensemble stays true to this in the form of a release which is upbeat and raw with an added touch of class.

Rave To The Slythm carries Howl Ensembles signature stamp with tracks such as Rave which deliver base driven beats paired with underlying vocal samples. Slythm and Rhythm continue this trend with added ambient melody paired with unique house groove. Slave completes the EP with warped vocals which oose over a stripped back base line. As a whole the release communicates Howl Ensembles ability to stay true to the respected sound they have developed over the years, which will without a doubt will make you want to get up and dance.


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