In an experience dominated by name-dropping and DJ-adoration, Mr.White is a magical mystery. Sensation’s pale-faced resident brings you nothing but magic in dancefloor wizardry. He is known to warm up even the coldest dancefloors. Mr.White is the best host Sensation could wish to have. Sensation White’s pale-faced resident DJ perfectly knows how to set the mood and creates the right vibe with subtle house and tech house grooves. He’s been traveling the world alongside Sensation for several years now, rocking dance floors all over the world. The Sherp had an enjoyable conversation with the mystery man behind Sensation White for so many years, as he flaunted his quite pleasant sense of humor.

In what process did you become appointed as a resident DJ of SENSATION and how does that feel?

It feels amazing! SENSATION was looking for an opening DJ, to get every event started, and asked me back in 2010 to do it for 1 year. I guess they liked what I’ve been doing, because I’m still here! It’s very special to travel the world, DJ’ing at such an big event.

You have a very groovy feel to your set. How do you pick songs for each sensation theme festival?

The songs need to be groovy, energetic, with vocals. Those are the main criteria. So it’s just spending hours online, looking for those perfect tracks!

The Sensation brand’s gotten bigger & better, definitely, but how else Sensation changed over the years?

The Sensation started in the Netherlands and expanded to mostly European countries. Now we travel the world with different editions, which is amazing.

Please describe how SENSATION​ is one of the world’s leading events and why it is so special to you.

I think SENSATION is special because of a few reasons: of course because of the white dress code, center stage and special effects.

But mostly because the SENSATION team has been doing events for more then 15 years now, so they bring a lot of experience to every edition of Sensation, which results in a unique event! It feels like the SENSATION family, which makes it very special to me.

You picked an eclectic choice of tracks for your opening set at SENSATION. Please name five buzzing tracks on your radar now!

1. CID – Together (Lefti rmx)
2. Cavi – Give Good
3. Tom Tyger – House Nation
4. Holl & Rush – Life Me Up
5. Sagan – Happiness

Sensation has expanded its tentacles into newer markets like Dubai, India, Moscow, which one has been your personal favorite in the recent times?

Sensation India is one of my favorite till date. It was the first time in an outdoor edition the stage was placed in the center of the venue, which made it very special.

If you were to choose the line-up for the upcoming sensation which five artists you would you like to share the billing?

My top 5 picks for the next edition of the sensation; Oliver Heldens, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Axwell & Sander Van Doorn.

How long does it take to transform yourself into Mr.White before your appearance on stage?

I always have a make-up artist who turns me to Mr. White, takes about 2 hours.

Will we ever see you perform at any other event besides sensation or it promotional events not appearing as Mr.White but with your real name?

I only DJ as Mr. White. For now, it’s only at Sensation, but maybe in the future, I would like to play at other events too.


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