5 Years in a row ranking in the DJ MAG top 100 DJs of the World , Tenishia hold his own as the most successful DJ/Producer in Malta, selling arena shows and appearing everywhere from TV to mobile phone adverts. Winner of ‘Best Newcomer Award 2005’′, ‘Best Live Performance 2005’, ‘The International Recognition Award’ and 3 years in a row ‘Best Dance Tune Award’ at the Malta Music Awards, Tenishia has proved to be an Icon and inspiration to the young generation in Malta taking the clubbing scene by storm and building up enough fans to hold his own Tenishia in Concert events.

How did you guys come up with the name?

The name is actually a girl’s name which is not so common but still sounds catchy.

What’s the story behind that?

There is no story behind it besides that is a catchy name, but Joven named one of his daughters Tenishia after the duo was formed.

How would you define the style of the music that you produce?

We definitely like to produce emotional music, with emotional melodies. We definitely prefer eyes closing rather than hands in the air. Obviously, trance is one of our favorite genres but it has changed so much now, and it has become so vast that it goes from one extreme to the other and we have to admit that we do not like some of it. Progressive was always our favorite though. Dark, emotional and aggressive would be our main ingredients.

In recent interview, we read that you guys like to keep your health and fitness up, How do you two keep fit and eat healthy while being on the road?

This honestly keeps getting harder and harder. Being jet lagged most of the time after long flights doesn’t help at all but yes we do try our best. Eating healthy is also hard on the road but and it is quite frustrating at times when you step on the scales again after a three week tour. Sports, particularly Boxing, is the only thing that takes my mind off the music for a bit.

What’s it like to be considered one of the world’s top DJs? How has it helped your career as a DJ?

It would be a total lie if I’d say that it didn’t help, but we surely do not do whatever we do to be in that list. Top 100 or not we love what we do and we’ll keep on doing it. Since EDM took over the scene, the list has become quite controversial and I think DJ MAG should really start categorizing it. Leave the top 100 as it is but also create sub lists, Trance, Underground, EDM, etc. I like to compare it with the list of top 100 athletes where Ronaldo or Messi would top the list because football is most popular sport, however how can I say that those football players are better than Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao who do a totally different sport.

What are some fun facts that Tenishia wants their fans to know that we probably don’t?

I’m a sucker for Boxing and Muhammad Ali. I love the guy to bits, I love his quotes and his funny moments, besides he is the greatest of all time! He is my total idol!

I know both of you are very open with your ideas, your music productions and your DJ sets. But what will you describe as the “Tenishia sound” or the “Tenishia experience” that fans can identify with?

Even though Tenishia was officially formed 8 years ago, our experience into music goes a much longer way then that. Both of us were working on different projects before Tenishia was created. We have built up ourselves in a very particular, small and difficult scene of Malta, which requires a lot of learning lessons.

We not only have experience in DJing in clubs, but also in radios, following and playing in rock bands and other music experiments. Our main thing is Trance music of course, but we think we have a very particular way of blending other things into it, which are taking us a step forward. We can easily adapt to a very particular crowd and very open-minded to new things.

What are your plans in the near future?

Our plans are definitely to produce more music, please more people with what we do and attract more fans. What comes after is not as important as this, even though we would love to go higher up the ladder of success. Our main drive is to create music and perform it in front of our fans.


Winding back the clock to 2004. Before you guys made it big, were you all full time DJs or producers already? Or did you all have a day job? What advice will you give newcomers who wished to achieve your level of success?

Joven: I have started my DJ career back in 1997 in a small community radio station, which was followed by my first club residency a year later. Back then of coarse, I had other jobs to support myself, but I always considered music as my main focus. I was gaining experience really until it was time to take it to the next step which we managed to do after a few years of Tenishia.

Cyprian: I also focused as much as possible on music from a young age but had a side job to sustain myself. I was introduced to the piano from a very young age and never looked back since then. I primarily started my music career in a rock band playing various instruments but then shifted to EDM music when I started going to clubs and found my new love for music.

Tenishia: We are both self-taught producers, so the real thing we can say to newcomers is, practice makes perfect. Stay focused on what you’re doing and look at those who have achieved their goals to learn from them. It’s ok to inspire yourself from other artists, but make sure you turn and adapt those ideas to what you really want to do and to where you really want to take yourself.

What’s the most bizarre song request you guys have had?

One girl came to ask for an RnB track which obviously we didn’t know. We sent her to the next club 😀

What is the one or two things that inspires your music?

Good moods and nice experiences… but also sad things and situations

Name one tune that never fails to get the crowd going.

There’s a few of them but let’s take a classic – Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel


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