Italian brothers – Alessandro & Andrea Vinai are two producers that joined forces in 2011, conquering the worldwide scene with fierce progressive and catchy house grooves, known as big room bounce music. Definitely a name for the future, VINAI is only making bigger waves these days. These most wanted duo has mark their present into the most prestigious festival like Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, Ultra Music Festival and others. Now, it’s time for you to check them out through our interview with Vinai.

You are brothers, born in Brescia, a city in northern Italy. As “VINAI” you are a worldwide successful production duo that entered DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list at #32 in 2017. How did you get in touch with electronic dance music in the first place?

We started listening to electronic dance music long long time ago, maybe 7 years ago with the explosion of the European success of David Guetta and Bob Sinclar hits. We started doing djs in some venues of our home city like 5 years ago then 2 years after we moved into music production making our own music.

You play and produce Electro- & Progressive House. How would you describe your own music in just a few words?

We like to call our kind of music that we produce ‘Big Room Bounce’ and basically our live set it’s a mixture of EMD music plus some very big pop anthem.

Being one of the most well known electronic music group from Italy, how does that make you guys feel?

Alessandro: Amazing! I mean, it is crazy to be touring everywhere because of the music we produced. It is definitely an honor and as we spoke to everyone we are living the dream so it’s a very cool thing to happen to us.
Andrea: It is like a dream! (Laughs)

Since you guys are brothers, I assumed that you both have a’lot in common. How do you guys work together in creating music and selecting tracks to be played on set?

Andrea: Maybe we can combined our favorite tracks and about producing, it’s like an inspiration.

Alessandro: Yeah, Inspiration. Sometimes we both have to split the job for example, Andrea is very good with melodies, and I’m better with mixes and dynamics. Anyways, we can split the job, but we are always together on the computer.

Many duos are sharing their work. One is responsible for the DJing and the sets. The other takes over the part of the production and the tracks. What do you think about such a division?

Everyone does it in their own way. It’s easier for us because we’re brothers and we share more than just our ideas or are similar in the way we see things. The chemistry is just right when we’re together. Right now it is difficult to think about how we could divide our roles and it is also difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of our colleagues. We can say that everyone in his life is destined for something and has his own qualities, so maybe it’s easier for some in the studio and not for the other. Maybe it is more interesting for one person and not for another.

You just released your new single ‘Time For The Techno’, together with Carnage. How did you create this?

“We were in Los Angeles a couple of months ago and we had an idea that sounded a little bit different compared to the final result.. We sent this idea to Carnage and he came up with a few changes…after this we finalized the idea once we came back in our studio in Italy. This collaboration is very important for us and we believe in this project since day one.”

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?

“This record is a big step in our career. It’s a 100% festival anthem…150 bpm…the first of a series…”

The track is featured on Spinnin’s New Dance Music Friday playlist. How important is Spotify to you?

“For us Spotify is a big platform nowadays. We have millions of plays in our profile and over 100.000 followers. In the last months the streaming platform has become the main portal for the music industries.”

What hobbies do you have next to the music?

Alessandro: The gym
Andrea: Shopping and cars

Any last words for your fans?

We have to thank you! It was very nice to talk to you and thanks for the support. And to our fans: Do not forget to pursue your dreams. Support the EDM music as much as you can and CIAO!


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