Releases on labels like Spinnin’ Records, Afrojack’s Wall Recordings and Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak and remixes for Laidback Luke, Sidney Samson, the Bingo Players and Hardwell. All big achievements that make 26-year-old Abdesamad Ben Abdelaouid, better known as DJ Apster, definitely stand out from all the talented DJ/Producers that the Dutch house scene has to offer.

You’ve been working closely with Afrojack and Wall Records, when did this relationship start?

It started in 2010, we became friends after sharing the same agency and music vision.

What was it like performing on the iconic Great Wall of China, sharing the stage with fellow Dutchmen Afrojack and Armin van Buuren?

It is still one of my highlights and most memorable moments in my career. The Festival was crazy and the location even crazier. Realizing that history and music came together at this point was an amazing experience.

We’ve heard you’ve worked with the likes of Hardwell, Afrojack, Bingo Players, Firebeatz and Nicky Romero, tell us a bit about what you took away from these experiences?

It made me a better producer working with and learning from such talented DJs and producers.

Aside from working with fellow star DJs, you’ve also done some work for/with pop stars like Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Who else from the ‘world of pop’ could you see yourself collaborating with?

I see myself working with Calvin Harris one day. He is the best producer there is in my opinion, that guy can produce everything from EDM/funk/pop/etc. Legend!

How does performing at Ultra Miami and Ultra Europe differ to, say, Tomorrowland? What about King’s Day?

They’re all amazing. However, Tomorrowland is like a 40-minute drive away from my home, so it feels more like home to me. King’s Day is a crazy national party that brings the whole Dutch nation together in every big and small city or village in our country to celebrate our King’s birthday.

Any noteworthy collaborations in the pipe?

Yeah, I just released an Apster and Firebeatz collab called “Let’s Get Wild”

You’ve performed in Shanghai before, how did the crowds there compare to other global metropolises?

Shanghai is a great modern city and people are really into EDM. Every time I play they go crazy, I love Shanghai!

We understand this is your first time performing in Guangdong province, tell us a bit about your expectations?

I have no idea to be honest, but every time I play a new area in China I get surprised by the crazy Chinese party energy, so I have a feeling it will be very good!

Favorite Chinese dish?

Foe yong hai!

Tell us about the strangest thing you have ever eaten. Is there a line for you when it comes to edibles?

I’m a sissy when it comes to food. The strangest things I’ve eaten are beef, chicken filet and fish (only salmon, tuna and crab), so that’s where I draw the line!

Favorite music outside of the EDM genre?

Hip hop and RnB.


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