Jewelz & Sparks are an internationally successful DJ and Producer duo from Germany. Since 2012 they have developed their own worldwide recognized production-style in hard hitting electronic club music. Over the last years they played in more than 10 of DJ Mags Top 100 Clubs worldwide including a residency in Club Octagon (DJ Mag #06 Club) and mainstage performances at the biggest electronic music festivals of the world like Ultra Europe and TomorrowWorld. They have been remixed by Hardwell, former number one DJ and longtime supporter of Jewelz & Sparks music. Furthermore they are part of his label family Revealed Recordings with 5 released singles to this date. Their Mixes, Bootlegs and Edits are overall popular among international superstar DJs and got played on every major electronic festival over the past 4 years.

You are a DJ & Production duo from Germany. How did each of you get in touch with electronic dance music in the first place, how did you meet, what made you team up, and how did you get into DJing and music production?

We’ve both been producing for quite some time now and had releases before “Jewelz & Sparks” with our solo synonyms. We met at the university we both go to and immediately knew there was a special vibe building between us through the music we made. It was rather a long shot when we produced the first track together, but we were amazed by how well it turned out and how successful it got in the end. We knew we had to keep this momentum going and so we decided to become a duo.

You play and produce hard-hitting Big Room House. How would you describe your music in a few words, what is distinct about it?

Hard-hitting, minimalistic, progressive.

Ultra Europe, Tomorrowland, Parookaville and TomorrowWorld – you both have played some major, major gigs. Which one stands out?

One of our all time favorites was TomorrowWorld in the USA. The atmosphere was just great, the crowd was amazing and we were really lucky with the weather. But we feel blessed to play so many amazing festivals.

A lot of people think DJs are a one-man show. How does it work with two of you behind the decks?

By now we are very experienced with the live set so we share the tasks and we know each other very well. A lot of preparation goes into getting the mashups and remixes ready for our live performances. If one of us is playing a new track the other might be on a microphone, or vice versa. It’s all about entertaining the fans.

What makes a two-man DJ show better than a one-man gig?

You can share every experience. Not only on stage which, of course, is great fun but also offstage as a traveling person and a tourist. It’s just way more fun to share the good times with a good friend.

Who are your biggest inspirations when creating music?

Julius: That’s always tough to answer because there are so many great artists and everyone brings their own stuff to the table. For him [Greg] it was Fedde Le Grand, for me it was Fatboy Slim and The Prodigy. Also some scratcher guys but they are not so well known.

You two have managed to log a No. 1 song on Beatport’s overall charts. Any recipe for such success? How does it feel?

It feels amazing. It’s been a long road. We both put in many years to our electronic music career without achieving international success. To be patient is rule number one. But if you keep doing your own style, it always pays off in the end.

You have some upcoming collaborations with both Hardwell and Afrojack. Anything you can share about the songs or music?

Not yet, but our collab with Hardwell will be premiered via Hardwell On Air very soon, while the debut live performance will take place in Guangzhou! We also have more exciting collabs coming up in 2018.

Do you think that Social media is a powerful tool in marketing new music?

Greg: It plays a huge role, definitely, in all the marketing strategies because a lot of guys who are upcoming still don’t have big budgets. Everyone has access to these platforms and it’s a really beneficial way to spread your music and for even the customer to learn about your own tastes because there’s a wide range of artists and you can follow anybody and every niche of the music is there.

Julius: Advice for every newcomer: Before you start going all in with that [marketing] get your music right, because if your music is good then you can go start marketing it. Don’t start too early, a lot of young guys start going out with their music way too early and their tracks aren’t ready yet.

What do you think the biggest problem facing the music industry is today?

We think it’s the amount of music, that makes it difficult to find the real gold out there. In addition to that, the last couple of years, have been game changing for a lot of artists. Everyone seems to be looking to their new sound. This is something that can put you in a tough spot. We’re glad we’ve found our own style.


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