Bassically are a live house music collective led by award winning, multi platinum producer and composer Raz Olsher. Bassically crafts sophisticated techno and compulsive house music out of LIVE instrumentation. The result is a dazzling live performance that takes its cue from the early electronic sounds of Detroit, Berlin, and London, with flesh-and-bone musicians physically playing pieces usually programmed by machines. By not repeating inherited formulas, Bassically throws dance music’s rulebook out of the window. It completely disregards prescriptions, preferring to help mature modern electronic music by extending instrumental techniques. Bassically’s music is thought-provoking and fluid: it is music that engages your brain as well as moves your feet.

With releases on the respected Noir Music and Black Butter Records Bassically gained a following all over the world. Having captivated audiences, from volcanic caves in Lanzarote to the cutting edge Station to Station Festival at the Barbican in London, the warm organicism of their live shows attracted support from some of House music’s biggest pioneers with the likes of Kerri Chandler, Shadow Child, Matthew Herbert, Âme and DJ Zinc are already aboard the Bassically bandwagon.

Bassically will be found everywhere from dark warehouses and nightclubs to outdoor beach parties on the islands of Ibiza and Kho Phangan . The ensemble’s live show will give audiences something fresh and exciting by crafting its performances like a continuous DJ set, mixing original material uninterruptedly with reinterpretations of dance classics. The communion between dancefloor and band will guarantee that no two shows will ever be the same.


Hi Raz its great to be in touch with you and a chance to chat about your personal performances and more about your electronic outfit ‘basically’!
First of all can you tell us where you are from? How you got into producing music and how you all met?

Bassically is a collective of producers, musicians and mermaids with passion to make people dance and push the boundaries of dance music performance. We are all based in London and met in a club, concert halls or a petrol station

How about the difference between your more intimate shows like what we are having the huge oppurtunity to experience coming up this week at Ulu Cliff house compared to your full LIVE band experience? What preparation goes into each show and what are you always travelling with?
On sunday you can expect a live performance of all exclusive original material most of not been played out ever before. It will be a journey between many different genres of house music aesthetics . Using Abelton live i will mash them all up and go on a journey between bass lines, melodies, vocals and some fresh remixes. The live band is a full on live musical experience, very organic and immersive and its much more expensive.

At home in London where is your studio? At home or some crazy basement thats top secret? What are you using? Any VST’s you can recommend to our readers? Whats your favourite piece of analogue gear? The next piece of studio equipment you are going to buy when you win 100k EURO lottery is??
i am based at Fossil Studios. It is a creative oasis in the Heart of Hackney, East London where creativity has no limitations and inspiration is served in a tea cup. VSTs would be All Native instruments stuff and Logic pro. We mix a lot of organic instruments and sounds along some Electronic gear. The production process is very hands on with a lots of live performances. Favourites are Roland SH02, Juno 60, Crummar, Space Echo RE201, Moogerfoogers, piano and an egg shaker.
Next piece of gear i want to buy is a nespreso coffee machine.

Is this your first time to Bali and performing here? What have you heard about the parties here and what have you heard about Ulu Cliffhouse Bali’s latest bucket list venue ?
It is my first time and its blown my mind. I have been playing some villa parties along my gorgeous and talented friends. We all love to express ourselves and celebrate creativity. I heard Ulu Cliffhouse has had some banging parties and i can’t wait to go with all of you on a unique musical journey and dance into the beautiful sunset.

If you weren’t producing music what do you think you would be doing? Whys that? Whats your first childhood memories that you think back to now and realised oh ok Im going to be a musician making electronic music and travelling the world doing so?
First musical memory has to be Fantom of the opera.
i have chosen to dedicate this humble life time to music very young. it was either that or McDonalds.

Is music something thats in your family? Any other members of the family tree into instruments and performing any kind of arts?
I have a family of music lovers. My grandmother was n accordion player and piano teacher for our local children’s community

Your current top 5 tunes vs your 5 tracks or all time in no particular order are?

If I could delete one thing from the history from planet earth it would be?

My favourite color is?

Next after Bali is?
Im going to Disneyland

Catch Raz Olsher this weekend at Ulu Cliffhouse


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