Swedish trio Brohug came into the dance music scene within the past few years. With hit tracks being played at festivals and nightclubs, If I’m Wrong and the Falling Brohug Remix, The trio has been in the scene way before the birth of Brohug. All three members were apart of DJ world for a very long time. BROHUG broke out into the scene just a couple of short years ago, and ever since then they have been bringing their club-ready bass house sound to major clubs and festivals around the world.

Can you tell us about the history of BROHUG? How did the group come to be?

We have all been doing music and djing for a couple of years. We’ve done a few shows together and gotten to know each other from that side. So one day, we decided to try to make some music together. We were all in the sort of place where we were tired of the music that was around at the time, and that everyone seemed to aim only for radio plays. So we thought we would do stuff that had more of a nightclub approach. So the first track we did was called “In The Morning,” and that was one of our first releases. Even though we have different tastes in music, we somehow connect with what we want to do with our music. We want to take things back to when it was fun and cool to listen to house music.

You’ve achieved a lot in just two short years, including multiple festival performances and several successful releases with Dim Mak. To what would you attribute your seemingly overnight success so far?

We used a lot of contacts we already had to build up a support base of Djs. Then we think people started to like the sound because it doesn’t aim for radio, all of our tracks are just phat club songs and you wanna hear them in a club or festival and go nuts.

Aside from Dim Mak, you’ve also released on Tchami’s CONFESSION label, Spinnin’ Records and more. Do you think it’s important to explore many labels or do you think you’ll eventually settle down and be exclusive to one label?

We are circling between two or three labels which all have their individual audiences. For us it’s important to reach as many people as possible.

Can you tell us about the name “BROHUG” and what the meaning is behind it?

It’s a because two of us are brothers (bros) and the third guy was called Hug growing up.

Write three words to describe yourselves.

Masterminds, pioneers and idiots.

One of your new track “Boogieman” was released in the end of 2017, what is the backstory on that?

The backstory isn’t that interesting, to be honest. It’s just that we made a really good track, we had a vocal that said “boogieman” and then the record label wanted to do it around Halloween. So, it was kind of a perfect fit.

You’re all from Sweden, what genre of EDM music do you think Europe will lean towards in the future? So, do you think European EDM will lean more towards heavy bass, deep house, trap, or something else in the next couple of years?

In Europe? It’s going to be BroHouse. Is that a good answer? Hahaha. Well, that’s what we try to do and that’s what we hope for.

How did you guys find your signature bass house sound and what inspired you guys to play this genre?

We were kind of sick everyone leaning towards the whole radio sound. And we were like “you can’t really play this in a club” and we wanted to make music that sounded good in the club. Also, not try to be like anyone else. We try to use what we know and had in the past to make and find our new selves. When all three of us came together, we noticed that we all had something in common. When we tried to put that into music, we realized it was a new kind of sound. So, we decided to do our own thing and not try to be like everyone else and that’s how it all came out.

What genre of music outside of EDM inspires you?

Brohug: A lot of hip-hop. What we try to do is find influence in all kinds of music. We find different stuff in every type of music. But a lot of hip-hop for sure.

What is something new you hoping to bring to the table for house music?

Hopefully bring things back to sounds for nightclubs and not just the biggest drops. Make good music and even if it is not number one.

What are your plans for the next 3-5 years and what can fans expect?

To take over the scene completely.


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