Flex is an unstoppable force. He is one of Australia’s most experienced and highly rated dj’s having been in the
game for over 20 years. His rollin sounds blend anything from trippy disco through to melodic techno, whilst
always holding that solid trademark groove.

He is also the power behind Perth’s premier party purveyors Habitat, having warmed up for names like Green
Velvet, MK, Derrick Carter, Kolsch, Carl Cox, Kink, John Digweed, Sasha, Nic Fanciulli, James Zabiela and many more!

Can you send us your current top 5
Marvin & Guy – Superior Conjunction
Imnellea – Napolean
FNX OMAR & Oscar P – Filtered African Blues (FNX OMAR Remix)
Braunbeck – Ullalet
Bilal, Boddhi Satva & David Mayer – Love Will feat. Bilal (David Mayer Remix)


Whats the first record you ever purchased and how does it influence what your currently playing including this weekend in Bali at Ulu Cliff House?

Not sure i could remember the very first record i ever purchased, been collecting vinyl since i was about 16 years old. The first dance music records i bought where early acid house like 808 State & Mr Fingers, but i have always been an avid collector of early funk, motown & disco records too. So it’s probably a mash up of influences.

If you could take one song out of music history like its completely vanished and why?
Well there is a lot of music that i really dont like, but not sure if vanishing it would help. Music to me is very personal, much like art, your music tastes can show a lot about your personality. So while i may hate something, another may get a lot of pleasure from it. That’s their choice, so not for me to vanish it. Be great to vanish it from my own life though.



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