An upcoming DJ whose sounds are influenced largely by Swedish House Mafia and many of the progressive house icons of the decade, CARTA has quickly established himself as the frontrunner of electronic musical talent from China. Born of Italian and Chinese ethnicity in Hong Kong, he later spent many years in the UK honing his electric sound. At just 14 years old, CARTA laid hands on his first controller a moment which, unbeknownst to himself, would lay the foundations for his future in music. It was also during these years in the UK that his sound began to evolve, adopting a groovier, garage infused musical signature. After returning to Shanghai in 2014, he established himself as a force in the electronic music & nightlife scene in just a year’s time. Between an initial residency at one of Shanghai’s top nightclubs M18 and features at almost all of the largest venues in Shanghai, he has garnered both the support of all the local DJs and captivated fans both young and seasoned with his high-energy live performances. At the age of just 19, he kicked off one of the largest EDM Festivals in China at Budweiser’s Storm Festival 2015, sharing the main stage with industry-leading acts like Don Diablo, Above & Beyond, DVBBS, Laidback Luke, Skrillex, Tiesto, and many more. Moving forward, it can only be expected that CARTA becomes a prominent name in the scene, both at home in Asia and beyond.

We heard your new track “Shanghai” was stored on 2nd of September. Did you make the track while you imaged Shanghai? Can you tell us more about the new track?

Well I was inspired by a Chinese song I used to listen to when I was a kid and I spent most of my childhood in Shanghai so it brought back a lot of memories for me. This is so much more than just a record already. Through out the shoot of the music video of Shanghai we visited alot of the historical spots. It reminded me of a lot of things from my childhood and I’m super proud to see it do so well as it’s only my first solo record!

We heard you started producer career when you were 14 years old. What made you started producing tracks?

Well I discovered dance music when I was 14 and figured that dance music is what the djs plays so why not try and dj my self. So I did and when i was 16, I asked my self what would the next step. It was a very natural transition for me to go on and start to mess around with DAWs like Logic and made my first attempt to produce.

How do you remember the moment of your first gig you ever played? What was it like and how did you feel?

I played my first gig in April 2012. I remember that I was super nervous and excited at the same time as well as worried cause when I first started talking to friends about how “I’m djing” in my bedroom really, no one really took it serious. So for me it was like ok now is the time to prove my self so i can not mess up tonight. Surprisingly my first gig went super well, also cause it was my prom after party at that club so all the people from my school were there and were all impressed 😛

As China and Hong Kong’s economy grows, how is dance music scene there? What is difference between European country and China?

The dance music scene is getting bigger and bigger every day in Greater China. Every year more festivals are popping out, more and more artists are playing in China and there are more and more people from China that wants to be a dj now. People understand the whole dance music culture a little bit more now, but comparing to Europe the market is still quite behind. Not in a bad way but it’s just not so advanced in terms of stage productions at festivals as well as music trends and etc.

What kind of music do you like besides dance music? And Who was your favorite musician from your childhood?

I listen to a lot of dance music everyday and when I say a lot I mean from the moment I wake up to the second before I sleep. Besides dance music, I’m also a fan of hip hop. Personally when I’m going out with friends I would even prefer Hip Hop over dance music just cause I deal with so much dance music on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little break from it. My child hood favourite musician would be Jay Chou, he’s a rapper from Tai Pei, probably one of the biggest names in China or at least when i was a kid.

There are a lot of Japanese producers who want to be like you in Japan. Can you give them any advices?

Honestly the only advice I have for everyone would be to keep on doing what you like and ignore all the people who doesn’t believe in what you do. Turn any negativity into your motivation and work even harder to prove all of them haters wrong!

What is DJ Mag to you as a DJ and producer?

Everyone has their own perspective on DJ Mag but personally it’s probably one of the only dance music magazines I really look up to and care about as well as pay a lot of attention to it. I’ve always dream about being in the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list of course 😛


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