Considered to be one of the most diligent and passionate DJ’s from peers and punters alike, Matt has transformed over the last 10 years into one of the most respected, accomplished and go-to DJ’s for house music on the Australian circuit. Nukewood has risen from promising young gun to an Australia’s top tier of electronic talent. You don’t have to just take our word for it, the accolades speak for themselves with Nukewood earning himself a phenomenal #4 National and #2 NSW ranking in 2013, and was a regular staple of the Sydney festival circuit performing at Stereosonic warming up on the Carl Cox stage, Field Day as well as Good Vibrations, Parklife, Future Music Festival, Summafieldayze, Global Gathering, Space, Creamfields and more.

How did you get your DJ name ?

I used to DJ with a good mate and his last name was Sellwood, Mine is Hryniuk pronounced Hinuke in which Nukewood came about. Once we stopped playing together I just kept the name.

If you weren’t working In the music industry what do you think you would be doing ?

Potentially a commentator, Sports commentator.

Stalking your online social’s we noticed your running some pop up food stalls to ? Tell us more about them and how it all started.

I used to run a Taiwanese Street food business called Bao Stop however not anymore, all music related nowadays.

Your favorites local food to eat while in Bali is?

Ooooh good question. I love Sarong, Barbacoa, Sang Saka, Bikini.

Since your early days performing in Bali your sound has changed a lot and noticed your working with lots of labels like Defected ? Where do you see main room club music heading in the next 2 years ??

I really think House music is where it’s at. You can see the trend with even the EDM acts trying to go more Housey now. Key word ‘trying’ however a lot of them do it really badly. I have always loved House music, even before I played more of the mainstream music for a long part of my career, my foundation always comes from House and now I have the luxury of playing it again in all my sets.

Any more exciting projects coming up we should know about with your work with defected and their events ?

I’ve got a bit brand we are about to announce for Australia for this November however can’t say any more just yet. Also got some pretty big events coming up over summer which will all be announced soon.

You are playing up at Ulu Cliffhouse this weekend . What have you heard about the venue ? Have you checked the place out ?

I came over a month ago for the Carl Cox show which was one of my favourite days in the past few years clubbing wise. Such a great vibe and he put on such a show with Eric. Love the venue and can’t wait to play all my favourite house tunes this Saturday.

A sneak peak into a couple of tunes planned for your set this weekend ?

Loving anything from Defected, Toolroom, Cajual, Hot Creations.

Martin Badder – See It Through My Eyes

PEZNT – Toxic Love

Soulsearcher – Can’t Get Enough (Angelo Ferreri Mix)

Shakedown – At Night (Purple Disco Machine Mix)

Next up for Nukewood after Saturdays set at Ulu Cliffhouse is ??

Just a heap of gigs back home before heading off to Europe for a month to Ibiza and Croatia, then get ready for a monster summer of events and gigs.


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