At a time where electronic dance music has become more widespread and versatile than ever before, it comes as no surprise that Jochen Miller continues to deliver an impressive array of original productions and remixes. In 2014 he signed an exclusive deal with Armada Music and released successful tracks that were highly supported by some of the biggest names in the scene. In 2016, he starting his solo track ‘VIPER’ that got chosen as the anthem for the Dutch Korfball league final where Jochen will also be the performing artist. Last year he also release more new solo tracks, remixes and even more collaborations with Andrew Rayel, Orjan Nilsen, Husman.

How did you choose your stage name? Was it a play on the town you’re from— Mill, Netherlands?

Actually it is! My own last name is nearly impossible to pronounce correctly if you’re not Dutch, so I wanted my stage name to be easy to pronounce for everyone. Driving home I was trying to come up with a name when I ran across the nameplate of my old town, and “Miller” was actually a joke that kind of grew on me in the weeks after that. My friends adapted to it immediately, and I landed a new nick-name, “Millerke”(Southern-Dutch dialect for little Miller), in days…

Growing up, which artists inspired you to pursue a music career?

Well, I think Tiesto was one of the first DJ’s that showed me how great is it to be such a big part of someone’s night, defining whether it’s going to be an okay night or one they will remember for years to come. I was in complete awe the first time I attended his first line of concerts, this was something no-one had ever done before. By that time I had played in my father’s club for a while, but it made me set my mind on actually pursuing a career in music.

What is the best and worst advice you’ve been given throughout your career?

The best advice I’ve been given is to stay my own course no matter what. I’m very ambitious, but I cannot play or produce a certain style of music just because it’s hot at that moment. Of course my style in music may have changed slightly over the years, but that’s just my taste evolving. Can’t remember the worst, when given unwanted and bad advice, it goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t have time to contemplate on that either, there’s tracks to be made and parties to attend.

What made you decide that it was time for you to record your own album?

I was at a point where inspiration came at a higher pace then usual, and the collaborations with the vocalists ignited this even more. I had already released some material on Armada Trice, but as Armada and I were choosing the next track to put out, we decided that the material I was working on was more then just a few random releases. It was one coherent story; my story, an album.

You recently collaborated with Andrew Rayel on “Take It All”. Did you produce the track prior to Hansen’s vocals, or was it built around them?

Hansen and I had recorded “A Million Pieces” together, which was featured on my first artist album. We were jamming in the studio one night, and the vocal to “Take It All” was made first. I played it for Andrew shortly after that, and he fell in love with vocal too, so we decided to work on it together. I think the end-result is a great interpretation of our styles blended together.

Working closely with Armada Music over the years, what is your favorite thing about working with that label?

The enthusiasm of my label manager Onno is very inspiring and has pushed me even further as an artist.

What is the process in selecting tracks for your monthly broadcast ‘Stay Connected’?

I browse through the new tracks I get sent to me and look through what’s new on the portals. Then I select and edit the tracks until I have an hour’s worth of the most exciting new tracks I can find.

What would you say your greatest career accomplishment is?

Tough question, as I’m still very ambitious. Looking back, I’m very happy with all that’s happened so far and proud of what I’ve achieved. But there’s always room for dreaming and working hard to get to a new high.

Having been involved with the scene for nearly two decades, what kind of advice would you give to new and upcoming producers?

To never give up on what you want, persistence is key. Develop your own sounds, and don’t let anyone tell you your style isn’t “in fashion” or whatever at that moment. Only if you stick to the music you love most, you’ll be happy doing what you do.

Do you have any surprises in store for fans this year?

Definitely, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, right? But there are some freshly made collabs ready to be presented, that will surprise you for sure!


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