Formed by Sean Brauer & Kevin Brauer, the American duo Sevenn has already gone through one of the biggest festivals in the world, Tomorrowland Brasil, on the Brazilian Bass stage. Producers of the “hit” BYOB with none other than Alok and also BOOM with the legend, Tiesto!

Where does the name “Sevenn” come from? What inspired you guys to keep such a name?

Well, its Sean and Kevin! SEVENN!

“Boom” has completely blown up since its release. When you first completed the track and listened back, did you anticipate the song becoming a worldwide hit?

We actually had no idea! After working on it with Tijs (Tiësto) we knew we had made something special but never that it would be as big as it is. Quite the feeling hearing it played at every major festival!

Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams you’d someday have Gucci Mane featured on one of your tracks? What’s that feel like?

Also such a shocker, we feel so honored to have someone as epic as Gucci Mane on the track, he managed to take something good and make it perfect.

What’s it like working with Tiësto and other collaborators you really vibe with?

Tiësto’s vision is so unique, it’s like he can see into the future and guess what dance floors all over the world are gonna want to thrive to. We’ve always had the best connection with Alok, he’s such a fun guy to produce with, not to mention Yves V the “philosopher” such contagious energy.

“BYOB” had a similar kind of impact as “Boom” did. Let’s hear about these VIPs you recently unleashed…

We always keep a healthy slew of secret VIPs to keep our sets surprising and almost shocking. Every track we’ve ever made we have at least 2 different versions, sometimes even a trap and hardstyle version (bangers alert!)

Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Our latest release « It’s Always You » just kinda happened, it’s one of those songs you write that you feel like you just have to get out there. Everything was recorded on the road (most of the vocals and all of the guitar in hotel rooms) which gave it a road trip/moving kinda vibe to it.

Your Deep House style with the dark crunchy brazillian bass has absolutely been revolutionary. What do you have to say about your work flow in the studio and how does it feel to work as a Duo?

Well, we’re brothers and we’ve been making music since we were 8 years old, and it’s fun, we decided that we could conquer the world haha.

Being that your brothers, what’s that dynamic like when you get into the studio together?

Believe it or not we are rarely in the studio together, mostly because we’re so different and have such unusual styles of producing. We prefer to be in our separate corners first, then get together (with cheap pizza and beer) and exchange ideas, fight about mixing techniques and nerdy, useless time wasters like why to use or not use 8 compressors at the same time lol.

Which instruments do you guys play and who is better at playing them? And who would you say is stronger vocally? It’s ok to fight it out on this one…

We both sing, play guitar, bass, piano and drums. While I [Kevin] was in progressive broadway-like metal bands Sean was Dj-ing at hardcore raves, so it’s fair to say I’m a better musician and he’s a way better Dj. It is hard to say who sings better tho, I sound like a eunuch while Sean sounds like Chris Martin, it then becomes a question of taste.

What else would you like to plug?

We have some huge collabs in the works, not to mention we are hitting about 13 countries and every continent in the world! (for the second time this year). We also recently released a mashup pack with over 50 mashups for free and it got downloaded about 10,000 times, so we’ll be releasing a similar pack every two months.

How has this year been so far?

Absolutely nuts! We’ve already played every continent this year and we’re heading out in 2 weeks to do it again. Making music on the road has been an interesting and rewarding process; with every new culture we get to know, it feels like we’re adding richer character to ourselves and our music.

What was your best gig so far and what memories you have on this gig?

We played « villa mix festival » in brazil for around 80,000 people! Brazilians are already famous for their energy, you can imagine thousands of them jumping to your music.

Any exciting new projects coming up that you can share with us?

We have some massive collabs coming out soon, not to mention some wild and whacky ventures into trap/hip hop.


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