Dutch duo of DJ Producers with obsession for movies, TV shows, gadgets, FX and the sounds of it all, captivated by the weirdest noises. Pale studio outlaws, almost reaching an extraordinary phenomenon, with a laid-back urban soul, and energetic as crazy monkeys running through the electronic jungle of dance music. This pair could take the role with supernatural powers in a blockbuster, because every record they touch is gold. Dance beats with a pop character and influences from UK garage, hip hop, R&B, drum’n’bass, dancehall, reggae, soca, reggaeton, grime, bouyon and zouk. Hailing from the most fertile DJ breeding grounds in the world, these two friends from Holland set out to claim their place among the stars. With gift for both DJing and production it wasn’t long before they caught the astute ear of Spinnin’ Records and they were immediately signed at the ripe age of 17.

First of all your stage name comes from your love for movies correct? Tell us how you come up with the name?

Yes, we have an obsession for movies, TV shows, gadgets, FX and the sounds of it all. We are captivated by the weirdest noises. Therefore, when we came up with TV Noise it was a really good fit for us.

What are some of your favourite movies to date and if you had recommendation for us which one movie would it be?

What we would recommend right now is the documentary about Avicii. It’s a really heavy one but a beautiful documentary. And of course, you should watch Planet of the Apes. That’s where we got our inspiration for a song like Cell Phone and 808, haha.

You guys are from exactly where in Holland? Are you both from the same town? How did you meet?

We’re both from Utrecht, Holland. We met like almost ten years ago at our school and it clicked right away. Looking back even further into your childhood what certain things pop out in the memory bank that you look back on now makes you realize that you would grow

up to be an electronic music producer and travel the world one day sharing your productions?

Really good question, we were really inspired back in the days by what Avicii was doing and the SHM. That got us motivated and wanted to work hard to be on that same stage one day.

How about your early DJ careers? where did you play your first gig? Is the venue still open? Have you been back for a visit?

We played our first gig in a small bar where we grew up. Was really fun, but don’t think it’s still open anymore. Haven’t been back unfortunately.

What about DJ Technology since then, there has been some crazy technology since you started out. What did you guys start out with and what are you using as your DJ set ups now days? Have you tried the Denon decks yet?

We started playing on Reloops. It was giving you a certain BPM but that wasn’t right all the time so we had to really work to get those mixes right. And of course, we played with CD’s back then. Right now, we are using the Pioneer CDJ 2000’s and they are great. Especially with the Hot Cue’s, that so much fun to work with. We didn’t try the Denon decks yet, they look great we should try it someday!

Your first tune you purchased with you own money was?

This was the album of Macklemore called ‘The Heist’

How do you see that influencing your DJ sets now days and the music you guys produce?

We both come from a different background if it comes to music. Jel was more into the Rock kinda music and I was more going for Hip Hop and Dutch music. The first ever cd’s that we bought must be in those genres. It always influences you somehow. The hip hop is coming back in our songs and we produce a lot of other things so we can use the knowledge about different genres to create something new.

What about in the the studio what are you guys using as your set up? DAW? Studio Monitors? Mac or PC? Your one magic synth you can’t do without? Your one magic plugin you can’t do without?

DAW: Ableton
Studio Monitors: Adam A5x and Adam A7x
Magic Synth: The Movie sounds and all the Jungle noises.
Magic Plugin: iZotope Alloy 2

Holland is always consistently pushing out an amazing amount of quality music across all the genres. Who was your first inspiration? How about now whos the next big Dutch act to take it to world that we should be checking out right now?

Our first inspiration was Tiesto. He was pushing boundaries at that time and that opened so much doors for all the DJ’s worldwide. We like the music of Ibranovski, we play a lot of his songs and we think he will be really relevant in the future.

You’ve seen an amazing change in what is working on the main stages of festivals across the globe in recent years. Whats next you think and why? The EDM bubble has well and truly finished, the Trap stuff started to take of while in a set time battle with the future house guys and now it’s all house music and techno again.

It’s hard to say what’s next because the scene is constantly changing so fast. The only thing that will never change is that you make a chance in this world is when you try to be different and be creative with new sounds. That’s always exciting to see who dares to be different and make so really dope music.

How do you compare the Holland events to places in Asia like Bali where you are playing at the islands hottest new venue LXXY?

What’s fun about Asia is that Dance music is relatively new to everyone. So, you can experiment a little more than in The Netherlands. But playing your homecountry with events like ADE with friends and family is also a really great thing.

Holland and Indonesia have an amazing history and share lots of culture is it a place you hold close to your heart? How about Indonesian food what’s your favourite? Can you find any Indonesian restaurants around your hood in Holland?

We really like coming to Indonesia and love playing there. About the Indonesian food Nasi Goreng is our all time favourite!!

TV Noise current top 5 is?

1. TV Noise – Scream

2. TV Noise – 808

3. Axwell /\ Ingrosso – Dancing Alone

4. Toby Green – Ready

5. TV Noise – Weird

Next up for TV Noise is?

We just released our brand-new song Scream on STMPD RCRDS and the responds is crazy so far. We got a lot of messages from so many people that they love the song and the direction of our music right now and that is really special. After that we have so much music coming and a lot of touring so we are really excited what’s next!!


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