Timotheus “Timo” Romme was born on March 23, 1987 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he spent his childhood. He started learning mixing for fun after a friend sold him some turntables, and by the age of 18 he was deejaying. Romme studied to be a fashion designer at The Hague in the Netherland. House artist and production machine MOTi remains a bit of a mystery to some. But this rising star is heading a new wave of EDM talent, and the “not so new” kid on the block is fully prepared to take over the scene with his massive sound!

MOTi’s first single absolutely tore up the house charts in the first quarter of 2013, as ‘Krack,’ electro house at the highest level, put this young talent on the map with his hard-edged, floor-filling sound. He followed up this hit with an official remix for Emili Sande’s hit single “Next To Me.” But MOTi hasn’t been content to dabble only with house music. Even the hip-hop charts were not safe, as his ‘Hello’ remix for the Stafford Brothers ft. Lil Wayne was an absolute hit, and yet another display of this up-and-comer’s incredible talent. What’s next for MOTi? Big original releases are coming up! And collaborations with Alvaro called ‘Nanana’ (Hysteria Rec.), a huge hit-single with Tiësto called ‘Back To The Acid’ (Musical Freedom), a fresh anthem with Quintino appearing on Spinnin’ records and MOTI’s ‘Heat it Up’ also on Tiësto’s label, are about to hit the streets soon! With his releases on famed labels like Wall Recordings, Spinnin’ and New State, MOTi has already carved out a name for himself in the house music scene. But this up-and-coming producer is just warming up. With multiple huge releases planned, and an already-impressive track record, the global house community will surely know the name “MOTi” in due time

Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Just Don’t Know It Yet” is my favourite record I’ve been working on so far this year. It feels like it’s a record I’ve always wanted to make but didn’t really get to make. It’s a feelgood song that screams summer and should inspire to get the most out of yourself. For me, the meaning of the song is that you should never give up. You are your own inspiritation, if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything.
Always try to find the best in whatever situation your in and make sure you do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy! And when you’re happy you will be able to make others happy too. Stay MOTIVATED 😉

How is this track special compare to other tracks you’ve released throughout the career?

I’ve had a pretty long music career already. My first release was in 2007 under an alias. Over the years I’ve had my ups and downs. In music its always hard work, if you don’t work hard enough you will notice it the next year and you’ll have to work twice as hard to get back up there. Just Don’t Know It Yet” is the first record I’ve produced since my daughter was born. For me this is the record that inspires me to be the best person I could possible be, to be the best father I could be for my daughter. I will always remember this record as the record that made me the person I can be proud of.

How has this year been so far?

This year was insane so far. I became father 7 months ago, so my life changed drastically for the better. I’ve been more focussed than ever and been mostly focussing on music production the last few months. 2018 is going to be a year with huge collaborations, strong crossover singles and a lot of AAA artist remixes!

Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

MOTi ft. Faye Medeson – I See Light In You

It’s a big room track with a vibey guitar breakdown with Faye’s beautifull voice on it, the track sounds like a classic MOTi track in a 2018 twist. Perfect for festival season!

Galantis ft. Uffie – Spaceship (MOTi Remix)

One of my favourite remixes this year. I’m huge Galantis fan and I was extremely happy when they asked me to remix No Money a few years ago. So this time I asked them if I could remix this track. I would describe it as future house for big rooms ;-). I’m also a big Uffie fan since here release “Ready To Uff” in 2006. So remixing this was double the fun!

What was your best gig so far and what memories you have on this gig?

My most rememberable gig was definitely RFM SOMNII Portugal. It was the first time I saw so many people sing-a-long and move a long with everything I did during a show. My favourite show in Japan was definitely my first time playing Ageha. There where a lot of fans, the energy was really good and I had an amazing time in Tokyo. I actually stayed for a week because I liked it so much.

Highlights of the summer so far?

Last year I became a father so Number 1 is definitely my daughter’s first steps. And of course a collaboration with Showtek, my childhood hero Wyclef Jean and Starley is a huge highlight for me.

What are you most excited about for the rest of 2018?

I’m going to work from Bali for 5 weeks in early September. I’m renting a studio over there and I can do Asia shows during the weekends. We’re bringing our brothers and sisters and their spouses with us so in total there’s 10 of us. We have a lot of friends in Indonesia and we go there at least once a year so I’m really looking forward to it.

Do you remember what first got you into wanting to create music? What do you listen to when you’re not making it?

The first time I wanted to create music myself was after going to a Derrick May show in Rotterdam. I never was a technical producer; I just bought Logic 5 back then on windows and started to just experiment. There weren’t any tutorials back then and I still had a dial-in connection at home, I guess. So it was basically just experimenting and putting in the hours. After some time I started officially releasing and remixing on Strictly Rhythm, Defected, Stealth, CR2 and I was signed to Sneakerz and 1management – the home of Fedde Le Grand, Funkerman, Sidney Samson and Gregor Salto back then as well. In my time-off I listen to house music. Not the house they call house right now but more the house the techno DJs play these days.

Lastly, what have you both got coming up next?

I’m releasing a lot this year. I’ve got 3 more cross-over collaborations coming up with Icona Pop, Galantis and R3HAB. And this year I will launch my record label to support new talent and to steadily release signature MOTi tracks on.


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