Devarra, real name Adhe Bachtiar, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He inherited his musicality from his mother, as she was a singer and guitar player in a famous band in the late 60’s. He started playing guitar and bass at a very young age, and not surprisingly started a band himself. Devarra has been DJing over 15 years and producing Dance Music almost 10 years. His music is best described as deep-, future- & house and is influenced and inspired by DJ’s and producers such as Carl Cox, Oliver Heldens, Tchami & Curbi. His achievements so far include winning the DJ talent competition, ‘Heineken Thirst Indonesia’ in April 2005. Devarra successively won the Asia Pacific Heineken Thirst Final in 2006, which resulted in him representing the Asia Pacific region at the Global Final that was held in Cape Town, South Africa in January 2006, where he placed 3rd. In 2007 he won the Ravelex Award for Best Techno DJ Indonesia. Devarra’s list of gigs is extensive and impressive! From his residencies at Jakarta’s massive clubs Embassy (2006-2008) , Bibliotheque (2010-2012) and Dragonfly (2014-present) to Indonesia’s biggest Dance Music festival Djakarta Warehouse Project 2014 & 2015, Ultra Music Festival Bali & Korea, Cream Festival & Jakarta Movement, playing alongside of the biggest names in Dance Music. The list of countries keeps growing as well, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, China, South Africa, The United States of America and the Netherlands. Devarra’s production skills are formidable, and make him stand out from all the rest in his home country Indonesia and even the Asia Pacific region. He truly is one of the most talented and experienced DJ/Producer’s coming out of the East, and therefor he’s more than ready to join the established order in the West!

First of all we would love to know where your from in Indonesia, where you went to school and studied before playing a big part in the Indonesian electronic dance music industry?

im originally from Padang, and i was born and raised in Jakarta, i went to SMA 82 and Pelita Harapan university, i studied communication science, and there is nothing to do with music 🙂

If you weren’t DJing around the country on a weekly basis what do you think you would be doing reflecting back on your teenage years as a boy growing up in Indonesia and earning your stripes in the playground at school ?

i will be in music industry for sure, i think i will be busy with my band if i’m not djing

Your current Top 5 club tracks right now are?

1.Bleu Clair x Irsan x Devarra – Phone Call
2.Devarra – Can’t Stop
3.Bhaskar – Lose Control
4.Tv noise – 808
5.Retrovision – Get Down

Bali vs Jakarta club tunes what do hear and see as the major difference between the two destinations?

in jkt clubs the music is very commercial nowadays, so everytime i go to bali i want to hear something different and i always go to clubs that play underground music such as red ruby, da maria,jenja, jungle etc. the underground scene is really growing in bali now.

Bali vs Jakarta Festival crowds how do they compare? What do you see as some of the similarities too?

Bali festival crowds are very dynamic, most of them are tourists, expats and a lot of local tourists too, when they come to a festival they’re not in it for the line up but for the event itself, so even when a small artist performs, they will see the artist not because of his/her fame, but how they experience of the whole festival. Whereas Jakarta crowds are more uplifting when they are your fans/part of your groupies, but also the down side is because they might know the artists (small or big) already, so they have high expectations of our performances.

How about when travelling right out in the edges of Indonesia what are some of the most surprising things that come to mind?

I’m always surprised by the people I meet along the way and also the life changing experiences I had during those times. Small moments came together built up into beautiful and fun memories in my head. These moments with these people truly inspired me to live my life to the fullest.

What about outside of Indo and further into in Asia, where has your career taken you to so far? Whats been your most memorable Asian show to date and why?

I’ve been playing in south africa, holland, china, hongkong, japan, taiwan and many other countries, and the most memorable gigs so far is in Ultra Music Festival in Korea, Japan & Creamfields Hongkong

You have been producing lots of music to correct? hows your studio set up? What are you writing with? What are some of your tunes we can check out online?

yes i’ve been produced a lot of music, its just a simple set up i use ableton for the software, genelec monitor speakers, protools HD 2 for record vocals, tla ivory pre amp and apollo for the sound card,
-yes, i have few releases that you can find it on spotify and soundcloud, also i used to have neo soul band called lesmokey section’s.

Jakarta underground scene and sound is really starting to boom. What are some of your favourite clubs to visit after you have finished your set and looking for a after party?
How about your favourite Jakarta underground DJS?

from my opinion the underground scene its not really that growing here in jkt, before i really like jenja but now they only play underground music 1 day in a week, and the rest underground party is on small venue’s my favorite underground dj in jkt is dj 1man.

Jakarta as a whole has had some great producers and performers in recent years and we are seeing lots come to Lxxy including Ramengirl the other week.
Who are some we should be keeping a eye out for that are about to burst onto the scene according to your wonderful talent scouting skills as part of Ismaya ground – Indonesiass’ biggest event organisers?

Whats your role at Ismaya group?

I’m a music director and resident dj at Dragonfly club, and resident dj for djakarta warehouse project

Have you got any side projects happening outside of the music world or anything you are working on?

not really, just doing some small business in the property

We know Bali has a huge beach club industry but what about outside of Bali and mainly Java? What else is out there for a readers to visit?

we dont really have places like beach clubs like in bali, but we have a lot of interesting nature places in java such as prambanan & borobudur temple, mount ijen, mount bromo, batukaras & pelabuhan ratu beach.

We seen DJ technology go crazy in recent years// whats been the biggest jump you have experienced?
Where do you seeing DJ sets and the technology going to un the next 5 years?

the biggest jump is when i changed to usb technology its very simple and compact and i think the dj technology now will stay like this for the next 5 years

The first track you purchased was?

the first track that i buy its on vinyl back in year 2000, it was Marino Berardi – Expression In E-Dub

How does it influences your sets now days ??

not really 🙂

Next up is ? Please let us know all the gossip and all upcoming news coming out or Deverra’s HQ??

i will perform at it’s the ship event in singapore on october and december for dwp x, and for now im working on my new club track, anvnnibvl-focus-original-zmix-preview


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