Jevin Julian was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, July 31st 1991. He started studying music in 2004. Drums as his major instrument, and the minor is piano. In 2005, he began performing his traditional jazz music as a Drummer. In early 2008 he made a beatbox community, which is now known as Indobeatbox, the Indonesia’s largest Beatbox community and one of the world’s largest Beatbox community.In 2009, he became the second winner in Indonesian beatbox competition. In 2010 he became the first winner in Road to LA Lights Soulnation Championship, and a jury in some Beatbox championships. At the end of 2010 he became the official endorsee of KORG synthesizers and JTS microphones. Then he started composing music in the beginning of 2011.

He made an electronic music project with a garage rocker, Mohammad Iqbal. Jevin gave “MassiveKontrol” as the name of the project, which means “we should be able to control the massive crowd, through our music.” In 2012, MassiveKontrol signed with a management that made by Randy Toborxes from Nidji and Krisgath K9, named The Super Future Conspiracy.

Video clip of the album’s first single, entitled “The First” released on January 14th 2012. And the whole album released by US record label, Beatroom, in July 7th 2012. After that, Jevin started making music score for visual production, movies, commercials, remixes, re-arrangement and decided to enter the world of the music business.

SOUNDWAVE, one of the few duo electronic group in Indonesia. They are Jevin Julian (producer, composer and arranger) and Rinni Wulandari (vocalist), who coincidentally introduced at the end of 2015, during a music competition in television program titled The Remix. Yet, SOUNDWAVE actual existence in the music industry is marked by the release of their first single “Salah” – a recycle song from Potret band – labeled under GP records in early 2016.

Jevin, from being the winner of Indonesian Beatbox Competition 2009 and co-founder of Indobeatbox community, started his career as a composer since early 2011. Meanwhile, Rini won Indonesian Idol 2007 when she was only 17 years old. Gifted with a specific character of powerful voice, she was formerly known as a pop and R&B solo performer.

Put two together and instantly they develop chemistry, resulting an exploration of fresh, energetic and ear-catchy sound waves. In just a short time, SOUNDWAVE has catch public attention and build a fan-base that grows continuously since their first appearance.


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