Unheard of YouTube views, peppering Beatport’s Top 10, building a rep as a remixer to the stars and delivering stamina-soaked sets from the White Island to Governor’s Island…Thomas Gold has fast become clubbing’s G-force of nature. Since storming onto the scene and riding the crest of dance music’s re-taking over of the planet, the prolifically pedigreed German has emerged as a top shelf seizer of arenas, talked about the world over. As a spinner with the most well-thumbed of passports, Gold’s upgrading from studio to stage stimulator, including the use of live drum lines and brass sections, has dominated the essentials of must-attend dance parties: the Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, Mysteryland and Tomorrowland.

You are originally from Berlin, Germany. There are some pretty iconic dance clubs in Berlin and throughout Europe. What are some of your favorite rooms in Europe?

Thomas Gold : I love Berlin of course, for its authentic and very organic music scene. Whenever I have time to go out here, I try to visit a club and hang out with friends. Apart from that, I love Barcelona for its vibrant nightlife scene, and of course Ibiza is one of my all time favorites.

Tell me more about Revelation.

Thomas Gold : Revelation is the name of my album “in progress” – means that part 1 has been released in March and it contains 5 tracks. Part 2 is scheduled for end of 2017/beginning 2018 and it will contain another 5-7 tunes. Revelation is a bit different from what people would know me for. With pt 1, I released a couple of very emotional, downtempo songs (including “Magic”) and some of them (e.g. “Sanctuary”) are completely different from anything I have released before. You can still hear the TG sound in there though. I just wanted to show my fans the “other side” of Thomas Gold and it was really great to see the positive feedback I got!

Part 2 will be the continuation of pt 1 and it will contain some of my recent singles but also some completely fresh tunes. I’m in the middle of putting everything together, it’s exciting and I can tell you that it will be super cool!

You’ve worked with a lot of labels over the years. You released “The Chant” on Armada Music. How do you decide what labels to work with? Do they come to you or are you pitching them?

Thomas Gold : When I do a track, I always try to find the “right” home (label) for it, and I have been releasing on all kinds of labels (Axtone Records, Size Records, Spinnin’ Records, Toolroom, Revealed Recordings, Protocol Recordings and Armada Music) and I am in touch with all of them for possible future releases. Right now, I have my album coming out on Armada and I have very close relationship with the team there, as these people are doing an amazing job. So priority for me is to release with them. But if there is a track which I think would fit better somewhere else – no problem. It really depends on the music.

You were ranked number 82 in 2012. Do you put much weight in the DJ Mag Top 100? Does being on a list like that help secure tour dates or generate more revenue for a DJ?

Thomas Gold : I personally don’t give too much about this list as there are SO many cool and great DJs out there who never made it into the Top 100. So the list does not really reflect the quality of a DJ but mostly rather the amount of promotion put into campaigns for the voting. There are exceptions though and some of the DJs within the list are really amazing.

Anyway – being in there CAN possible get you more shows/more money but only in those markets where promoters and people don’t know much about the DJs. In the US and Europe for example, people don’t care much about the list anymore – they pick their artists by style, quality and what they can expect from them. Which I think is the better way.

When did you initially decide that you wanted to take your music in this new direction?

Thomas Gold: I had the idea of doing something different for a long time already, but when I decided to do my first full album, I wanted to go for a completely fresh approach, music wise. I have been doing club tracks for years now, all set at around 128 bpm, but I had so many ideas for other styles in my head. I just wanted to finally realize some of them. I started working on the album back in January 2016 when I went to Los Angeles for 15 days to do a bunch of vocal writing sessions. And I must say that I am super happy and excited about the way everything went and is still going!

Since the title of the track is ‘Better Versions of Myself,” do you feel that this song and new style of music is, in fact, better than what you’ve previously produced, and would you say it’s a culmination of all the recent experimenting you’ve been doing with your music as of late?

Thomas Gold: I don’t know if “Better Versions Of Myself” is “better” than what I’ve done before. It is just completely different and for me it opens up a whole new universe of production techniques and styles. In fact, I have been experimenting a lot in the past 2 years with new approaches and sounds. For example, I completely
overhauled my audio sample collection, I listened to tons of tracks from all kinds of genres to learn from them, and I tried out new ways of production. So yes, ‘Better Versions Of Myself’ is kind of the result of all this. And it’s just one of the first tracks – there is more fresh stuff to come…

Before the single’s release, did you have any concerns about how your fans would react?

Thomas Gold: Of course you think about your fans’ reactions and how they would like the new sound. There will be people who do not like the new music at all maybe. But I also know that I have a lot of fans who will appreciate the new style. At the end, I had to decide for myself. I wanted to create something which reflects my understanding of music nowadays and what I love. So I got rid of all concerns and I just did what I love to do. When I released “Magic” last year (which also has a different sound from what I used to do and it’s at a slower tempo than my usual productions), I was not sure about the reactions, but now, a few months later, I am getting so much love for the track, it’s incredible! So fingers crossed for “Better Versions Of Myself”

Are there any particular artists or vocalists you’d like to work with that you think would fit your new sound?

Thomas Gold: Right now, I don’t have any particular name in mind. During the album production process, I met so many talented singers and songwriters, which I had not heard of before, and I was surprised at how many great voices are out there! So actually, there was no need for any particular artist (on this album). But maybe for the next album – let’s see…

Anyone from the contests that have stuck around?

Thomas Gold: There are a few names who continue to send me stuff. For example, the guy who won the remix contest, Jakko is his name, is really talented and I’m really excited to see what he is going to do in the next few years. For them, these contests are just a starting point and it’s up to them to what they make out of it.

We know that you have a lovely wife. How long have you been married?

Thomas Gold: I’ve been married for 6 years now and we have twins, a boy and a girl, both which are 2 and a half. They don’t normally travel with me, but because of the On Fire Tour we are all in LA for 2 months and then we came to Miami for this week.

If you had few days of not making music, what would you do?

Thomas Gold: I would hang out with friends, and chill. Host BBQs and grill some nice steaks.


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