Benson represents everything that your parents hate, He plays loud sub bass driven house music, drinks a dangerous amount of alcohol & stays out way past his bedtime. Benson resides in Melbourne these days but spends a lot of time blowing up expensive sound systems in clubs around Australia & abroad. His DJ sets are loud, fun & extremely offensives . Benson has worked with labels as Sweat It Out, Ministry Of Sound & Sony BMG while still finding time to manage his very own boutique label “Medium Rare Record​ings”. Benson has also “shredded” stages at the following music festivals: Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, Listen Out, Southbound, Stereosonic & Parklife. If you enjoy good music, having a laugh and high 5s then you and Benson will get along just fine

Red Bull music academy recently caught up with Benson ahead of an Australian National tour launching his latest single ‘Hold Out’. Showcasing some of his latest edits, what he is currently playing. Jam packed full of party jams its shaping up to be a massive show this weekend down in Canggu where he supports Australia Grammy winning artists Peking Duk. Benson’s rise to fame has been no easy path but he took his oppurtunity when most would of taken a downward spiral! Instead turning it up and taking his production to the next level and a much bigger audience! Check out the awesome feature and mix ahead of one of Halloween’s hottest shows this weekend in Bali.

Benson says, “It’s full of my favourite club tunes right now and includes a bunch of exclusive edits of my own. “I also managed to sneak in my new single Hold Out as well. “With partystarting tracks from the likes of Camelphat, Grace Jones, Fisher and – of course – his own tunes, get your productivity going while you spin this 30-minute mix. Oh, yeah, and we had a little chat to him too.

It was a dedicated grind over half a decade which saw house music hit-spinner Benson go from playing friends’ birthday parties to working the stage of Splendour In The Grass and closing out Falls Festival.

As the producer and DJ got a feel for where he wanted to take his creativity and passion for creating party-starting tracks, it was a gentle nudge from a failed job which kickstarted his official transition to playing sets around the country.

Living in Melbourne and not making enough to live off music alone five years ago, Benson worked as a sales rep coordinator until he was “deservedly” let go.

Way over his head in the construction industry – with no idea about construction or managing people – he says management eventually cottoned on that he had sweet talked his way in and one day was politely asked to pack up his stuff, go home and not return.

“That initial thing with losing the job, I thought to myself, ‘this could be the perfect time for me to have a crack at this and give it everything’, and it’s really started to really pay off over the past few years.

“Having a lot of the extra time by not working gave me more hours that I could use to learn and focus on making music and really hone in my craft. So, shout out to my old boss for firing me.”

Despite the few perks – which included an office and a company car – it was time to start coming up with fresh ideas and booking gigs. The switch came with its own new set of challenges, but he credits help from online platforms like SoundCloud which supports artists getting their name out there. “Before Spotify came in, websites like SoundCloud enabled you to upload things from your bedroom and you were able to get a lot of people to hear it.

“When I started making music, I was making stuff more for DJ sets and nightclubs – so I realised that if I wanted to really take it to the next step I needed to learn some more music theory and start structuring my songs to working with vocalists, to make my music connect with more people on a wider scale, rather than just at a nightclub early in the morning.

“It took me a while to make that transition from a club dominated music structure, to producing music that had room for vocalists and just getting my head around how you would form a proper song but now it feels natural.”

Since working out his own arrangement style, Benson looks to work with artists with a point of difference. He explains: “Something [that] doesn’t sound like everything else that you hear on the radio.”

“I like when someone has quite a unique feature about their voice or even the way that they pronounce certain words. And also, chemistry goes a long way, people that just aren’t dicks. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of nice people over the last few years.”

His latest track, Hold Out, is aided by the smooth vocals of ZOLLY and has been praised by fans who are looking ahead to his Australia-wide tour over June and July. “Hopefully the train just keeps on chugging along and I end up at a destination where I am really satisfied and happy and continue to grow.”

Intro – Grace Jones
Bart B More & Das Kapital – Hit The Club
Phlegmatic Dogs – Gotta Move
Malaa vs Camelphat – Belleville Cola (Benson Edit)
Proxy – Language Barrier
Dave Winnel x Post Malone – Dimension Rockstar
Low Down – Skylar White
Hoodrich & Stace Cadet – One Way (VIP)
Billy Kenny & Bot – Just A Groove
Fisher vs Valentino Kahn – Deep Down Stop (Benson Edit)
Benson & Hoodrich – Turbo
Riva Starr & Green Velvet vs Faithless – Keep Pushin Insomnia (Benson Edit)
Benson ft Zolly – Hold Out


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