Lockdown is currently the name everyone in the know are name-checking. In the space of one year this energetic duo has created a cult-like following which has seen their profile and gig bookings increase tenfold. They have literally become one the most entertaining acts on the Australian circuit. Based in Melbourne, Lockdown stayed true to their visual form by playing their very first show on Halloween night in 2015. Very quickly they climbed their way to the top of the Melbourne underground scene by supporting some of the scene’s biggest players alongside bookings for the city’s most respected nights. They have created their own imitable sound which feature heavy hitting basslines, rolling percussion and very eerie atmospheres. Lockdown’s music perfectly combines with their visual and theatrical aspect. Being active for a such a short amount of time, Lockdown has already played an impressive amount of shows across, not just Melbourne, but also Australia, where they have conquered crowds at scene institutions such as Cloud Nine, Candy’s Apartment and Hotel New York (now MODE). All of this hard work payed off when they were voted into the annual Inthemix DJ poll where they were voted by the public as the 28th most popular DJ act in Australia. Not bad for a debut placing. With an addictive sound that will hook you from the moment you hear them, a visual element that will hold your gaze and an attitude that demands your attention, you can rest assured that, one way or the other, Lockdown is here to make an impact.

Men of mystery, master of the stage! Tell us first of all where you are from? How you come up with your stage name and some of your earliest gig memories looking back before the secret identity and make you think Im going go out and scare the hell out of people for many generations to come when they check some of my shows out on past instastories and youtube vids?

Hi , I am Lockdown
I slumber in the Australian circus tents.
– The stage name came about when the original idea was to dress up in prison jumpsuits (Which never happened)
– The best earliest gig memories would have to be, the look of confusion on peoples faces when they saw a “clown” on stage
– There was never any intention of scaring people , but its more of a reminder that you don’t have to be the ‘Popular’ kid to do what you want to do , and that its okay to be different and more importantly face your fears!

Melbourne is booming with producers, DJs, amazing events and all round madness in the festival scene. What do you think makes Melbourne such a productive hub? Why do the events seem to look that little bit more exciting online? Why is the club scene absolutely booming?

Melbourne has a very tight set of groups that work hard to get big things done, there is a lot of smart people who know how to properly sell events to the public and they do a great job at it too! Also it is a big help that Melbourne has the longest open nightlife in Australia.

How do you compare your Halloween sets in 2018 to 2017 and further beyond?

Bigger , Better Production and music!

How about your first track you ever purchased? What was it and how does it influence your sound now days in you sets?

Sandstorm – Darude , this was the first ever song “electronic based” song that I ever heard, it was GO GO GO from there!

What about some of the early childhood memories and listen to electronic music, what are some of the tunes that really come to mind and now looking back on it all makes you realise you would be performing on main stage club events around the globe on a weekly occasion?

By far the biggest Nostalgia memory was when I purchased “Ministry of Sound The Annual 2007” , I used to listen to that album on repeat everyday and also when I went to sleep! That whole album does not have a “bad” song on it! But back then I did not have any idea I would be doing what I’m doing today, it was all a dream!

Production is surely something you are basing your weekly downtime around? Tell us about your studio projects your currently working on and any releases that are about to hit the www ?

Production is a very big part of my weekly schedule, some days I could be in the studio for up to 13 hours. There is so much fire hidden from the public, and there are some HUGE tracks that will hit the world very soon!

Tell us about your home studio set up? What speakers and computer are you using? Software to produce on? Your favourite soft synths and magic plugins?

I do not have a home studio set up any more, I now have a personal space I have hired! I am Producing on a MacBook Pro, with Ableton Live10, I also am using KRK vxt6 speakers with a 10′ KRK Sub.
My favourite Pluggin at the moment would have to be “Spire” or “Serum” which gives the user a massive choice of options for all sorts of sound design!

On the subject of technology DJing has come along way in the past decade. What have been some of the biggest changes you have seen since your time in the industry and what do you think will be the biggest changes we see in the next 5 years?

To be honest I have not been around long enough to even see the change from when CD’s where the go to! But with in the next 5 years what ever changes is sure to be a surprise to me as technology upgrades always catches people off guard, I’m not sure how the equipment can improve much more!

If you could change one thing in the music industry right now what would it be?

I would change the whole political side of everything, theres a lot of talented people loosing out on opportunities for reasons that they can’t control or are even responsible for, if everyone was united there would be a much broader music industry that would reach to a lot more people


What are your plans for your set at LXXY? Anything we should be keeping a ear out for?

There will be a wide variety of styles of music , and a lot of new songs!

What are your other plans while in Bali before and after the show?

Relax and enjoy!!

Any advice to up an coming producers/DJ’s/Artists?

Your mind is a very powerful thing , as cliche as the saying “You can do anything when you put your mind to it” is , its TRUE just believe in yourself and work hard! No one ever got anywhere by giving up!


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