The Djs From Mars bring the mashup attitude into electrohouse…they start remixing big pop hits for their gigs in 2004 just for fun…In a couple of years they are recognized as one of the biggest names in the mashup scene…their videos on Youtube get over 10 millions of views, and the hype is still growing. The bootlegs are soon noticed by labels all around the world, and they start working on remixes for big pop and dance acts such as Bimbo Jones, Sean Paul, Pitbull, Yves La Rock, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Fragma, Ciara Cascada, Coolio, Ennio Morricone, and many more…in the US they start working with Jason Nevins, who brings them some big major acts remixes..
Their tracks are playlisted and supported by undiscussed top djs like David Guetta, Carl Cox, Bob Sinclar and more. Meantime they start touring all around the world, their cartoon box head show brings the aliens to Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Australia, USA, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Brazil etc. Their goal is to conquer the world. So stay tuned and be aware.

How did you guys meet?

We met loooooong time ago in the same studio in our hometown Turin (Italy).
We were working in the same studio as producers, but we started focusing on the Djs From Mars project only in 2010 (after several projects and collaborations with no relevant highlights)…So we struggled long time to make a living out of music and finally we managed to make it work! We’re happy cause we know it’s very difficult, especially today, but since we achieved some results after many years of failure, we think that the most important thing, if you love what you do, is: never give up!

What’s the story around the masks/name?

When we decided to focus only on this project, we decided to take care of the whole thing: not only music but we wanted to create a world behind the name. So we decided to wear this boxheads to be different from any other dj (back then, it was not so usual), and to choose a name that’s not just about music: it’s like saying, hey, look here, we come from another planet! It immediately caught people’s attention, when we started the first small shows in our hometown, we were literally unknown, but people wanted to take pictures and stood in front of the dj booth to see “what are these guys doing?” It definitely worked out great for us, we are now the “djs with boxheads” not just 2 ordinary djs. Being different is crucial today! Then in the last years, djing with a mask became not so unusual anymore but…hey thats’ in the next question!

Speaking of masks, what do you guys think of the new trend with more and more “masked” DJ’s?

Yeah as we were saying 1 minute ago before the coffee break, it was very unusual when we started performing with those boxes, it was even before Deadmau5 came out with his mau5head….Now it’s kind of a trend, we can’t say if it’s good or not, the only thing we can say for sure is that, if you have a cool mask but you’re not a good producer/dj/performer, the mask will not be the reason of your success. Deadmau5 has a mask, and he’s a great musician. Marshmello has a mask, he has great songs and he’s super good in using social media and his shows are great. The Bloody Beetroots has a mask, and his new album is fire! There’s 1000 masked djs but you only remember the ones with some really good “content” beside the outfit.

You’re also well-known for some amazing bootlegs mashups and remixes, what is the process like in pairing tracks together? Is there a way you both find what works?

We’re listening to music basically every moment in our spare time, and we collect ideas on our phone’s memo notes almost 24/7. When we travel to one of our gigs we have plenty of time to listen to every kind of new and old music, and that’s always a great inspiration. Then, when we’re not travelling, we’re always in studio trying to make the ideas work…there’s not a formula or a “right way” to do it, we just try to work on what we like, then we add something else, and when the match is good, we work on the track adding our own beats and melodies. What we try to do is avoiding the first idea that comes to mind: it’s easy to mix two songs in the same key and the same tempo, everyone can do that today. It’s way different mixing, for instance, Beethoven and the Chemical Brothers, but that’s what we like to do…sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s crap, but at least it’s unexpected!

What are three things you both need to have with you while touring?

Headphones, because we’d be lost without music.
Laptop, since we’re workaholics so we also try to produce while touring.
Every kind of clothes, because we’ve been in Sweden with 40 degrees and in Sydney with rain and storms, so we never know what’s going to happen weather-wise.

Since you’re both from Mars, if you could travel to any planet or galaxy other than your home planet and Earth, where would you go and why?

Actually, we love planet Earth! We discover new places every weekend and it’s unbelievable how many cities and countries you can see and how many great landscapes, amazing people and new cultures you can find on this planet. So probably we give it for granted sometimes, but this is the best planet in the universe.

Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Our new single is called “Somewhere Above The Clouds” and actually it’s been produced like it was a mashup! We had this guitar riff, and this old vocal in the closet, they were both good but not “GREAT”. Then, we tried to combine them as we do with mashups, ,and the result was pure magic. So we also added some sax samples, and finished the song. It’s great to have old ideas in your hard drive cause they can stay there in silence for years and then – when you find the right combination – they can give brand new results! That’s the best part of our job: you never know where music will lead you.

Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your recent sets and why?

Yea actually we have a Sum41 remix of “Still Waiting” – we always loved that song, so we had to create a remix for that, and well we’re playing it at every show, young kids and older crowd loves that track (which was a bit unexpected for us) – and it’s the track that we play when we say “ok now let’s make this crowd go REALLY crazy!” One more track that we always play is a mashup that we made with Camelphat “Cola” and Axwell & Ingrosso “More than you know” It starts like a house track, then everyone recognizes the vocal part and starts singing out loud. Then – we added a drop part with the Pon De Floor vocal sample from Major Lazer. People never expects this drop after that vocal so the first 4 seconds everybody’s a bit surprised, and at the 5th second they’re dancing like there’s no tomorrow!!

What are some things you guys like to do in spare time when not making music?

Actually, spare time is very short in the last years. We’re touring every weekend, and when we come back home on Monday, we’re immediately in studio in the morning. Then it’s Friday and we’re on a plane again! So actually everything we do is music-related, production or shows, and this takes almost all of our time…and in our spare time, we still listen to music! We need to be updated and since we cannot listen to new music when we produce or when we deejay, we need to do it while travelling or at night! Beside of that, in spare time we love simple things, dinners with friends and families, movies, good food, collecting vinyls and sometimes holidays!


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