British deep/tech-house DJ and producer Daley Padley has achieved a remarkable amount of success under the name Hot Since 82. His tracks are energetic and a touch dramatic, yet smooth and not over-produced, and are perfectly tailored for clubs and dance festivals. After collecting some of his initial singles and remixes as Hot Since 82 on the 2013 full-length Little Black Book, Padley founded Knee Deep in Sound in 2014 and continued releasing singles and mix CDs on the label, as well as others such as Truesoul and Moon Harbour. Padley was born and raised in Barnsley, England (in 1981, contrary to his moniker). He started frequenting clubs as a teenager, and began spinning at a hometown club at the age of 17, where he became renowned for his 12-hour weekend sets. He began traveling to Ibiza in 2003, and started a residency at Cream Ibiza in 2006. He also started releasing tracks under his own name, but he gradually became tired of the more commercial Ibiza sound, and took a break from spinning and producing music. However, he regained his faith in house music when he resumed clubbing in Leeds in 2010. That summer, he and his friends were attending an Ibiza after-party when the music abruptly stopped. Padley plugged his phone into the sound system and played one of his unfinished tracks, and the crowd responded enthusiastically. “Let It Ride,” Padley’s debut single as Hot Since 82, was released by Noir Music in 2011, and was soon followed by the Forty Shorty EP on Get Physical, two Hot Jams EPs on Noir, and several tracks on Moda Black. He also remixed songs by Pete Tong, Rudimental, David Lynch, and Green Velvet, among many others.

You started your DJ career in Barnsley and Leeds. Can you describe what the dance scene over there was like back then?

Yes that’s right, l’m originally from Barnsley, a small town in Yorkshire. I began throwing my own parties in a small bar so l could spin the records l was buying each week. Before l even knew it, the party was rammed each and every week and the news spread across the cities fast. This gave me the chance to spin in Leeds. For those that don’t know much about Leeds: some say it’s the UK capital in underground clubbing. This base really gave me the inspiration to progress into music production etc.

Has it changed a lot over the years?

You know what, Leeds has always stayed the same. It’s my fave city in the whole world and not just for the music. The people are what make Leeds that special place that it is. Good people, good food, and good music. What more could you ask for?

You used to play very long sets, some of them over ten hours. Do you see yourself doing this again in the (near) future?

Oh l miss those days. For any DJ that really treasures their sets, playing long long sets like this is just a joy. I think l really earned my badge during these years. I used to play at least 10 hour sets every single Sunday for 5 years. It’s funny because l look back at these times as the best. There was something so natural about it all, when l play now there is more pressure to deliver when back then l could just keep spinning and experimenting with all sounds of the house and techno spectrum.

In 2011 you changed your DJ name from your actual name Daley Padley to Hot Since 82. Why?

I just had a few years out, l guess, to discover myself and enjoy myself. I was still clubbing heavily and still collecting music. It’s one thing that l will never stop doing. It’s the most important passion in my world.
I had a new sound and a new record and HS82 was born. I can’t stress enough how natural this change and progression has been. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe l was sent here to make people smile and dance. I like the idea of that.

If you could travel back in time to 1982, what would you do?

This would be a dream. My decade is the 80’s. I would like to be in California watching movies, collecting Star Wars toys and being an all out 80’s geek.

When did you first realise you could make a career in music?

When I was 11 years old, the first day of secondary school, the teacher went round each individual pupil and asked what do you want to do when you grow up. So everyone said a police officer, a plumber, a builder, a joiner, and I actually said I wanted to be a DJ, that’s the true story. And the teacher stroked his grey beard, and he said “hmm, I seriously think you should reconsider that.

Name three popular artists you had on your playlist when you were younger.

Erm, Michael Jackson, David Morales, and who else was I into. I was into a lot of hip-hop as a kid, like erm Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg. All that West Coast kind of hip-hop I was into as well. So some kind of playlist from the West Coast of the states.

If you could collaborate with one person, past or present, who would it be?

Past or present wow, erm Marvin Gaye.

Great answer. Who’s your favourite DJ to go back to back with?

I mean, I guess the DJ I’m more comfortable with playing and have the most fun with is Nick Curly, super nice guy, great DJ and yeah we always go in and just have the best time. I think people can see that as well from the dance floor and it’s relentless and flawless, so Nick Curly.

What’s been your career highlight to date?

Career highlight wow, I think, I mean, er wow. There’s been so many, getting an essential new tune, I think just playing in Ibiza. You know, I came here 18 years ago, this is the mecca of dance music, to come out here and be booked at a show was the highlight and still is the highlight of me being a dance DJ.

So a bit about fashion now, can you describe your look or style?

Erm, I’m always playing, I’m always at work. So I like to wear something a little bit oversized coz I’m quite a petite guy. So tight clothes is a no-no from me. So something a little big vintage, a little bit, half kind-of scruffy looking I guess.

Words of advice for those wanting to make a career in music?

Erm, just produce your own, yeah get into the music production and put music out. Cause back in the day where I first started, you could be a good DJ and break-through, but now you’ve got to pump music out. So, keep a big social, you’ve got to work that social media as well. Fresh music and a strong social media makes things pop.


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