Drew Carmody, better known by his stage name L D R U, is an Australian DJ and record producer. His first single, “The Tropics”, was released in 2013. L D R U is best known for the single “Keeping Score” featuring Paige IV. The track reached No. 14 on the Australian ARIA Charts and No. 22 on Triple J’s Hottest 100, 2015 and was nominated for a 2016 ARIA Award for Best Dance Release and for Breakthrough Artist. LDRU embarked on a capital cities tour of Australia in July 2016. His first studio album, Sizzlar, peaked at No. 66 on the ARIA Charts. Carmody is also a member of Carmada alongside Max Armata.

A little known fact about you is you started producing after becoming bedridden following a nasty accident at work. A blessing in disguise perhaps? What’s been your top highlight since hitting the airwaves?

Yeah you could say that. Keeping Score went double platinum the other day which put a massive smile on my face!

Who do you look up to in the scene and who are your top three artists at the moment?

Skrillex, Diplo and Flume. A bit of a cliche I know, but I’ve been following these guys ever since I started listening to dance music.

LDRU, tell me all about Keeping Score (feat Paige IV)

It started as a hip-hop instrumental track,it’s a heavy sway hip-hop track. Then I got Paige IV‘s vocals, and I thought, “She’s amazing, I have to get in the studio with her. She’s got a very interesting voice.”

For someone who’s not a massive EDM fan, I was loving the beat on this one.

Would my music be classified as EDM?

That’s what I assumed, I could be wrong though?! What would you call it?

I guess you could call it EDM, for people who don’t know what’s going on.

Exactly, which was me, until I heard Keeping Score! (Mutual laughs, WildnFree is happy to declare she doesn’t always know what’s going on)

Yeah, I try and keep clear from generic EDM.

Right, tell me about your soon to be released EP.

I don’t want to give too much away! We’re currently deciding on the second single, there’s four or five great tracks in there. There’s a couple more features too, I don’t want to say who. Could be someone you know, one you don’t know. They’re definitely more features than collaborations with other producers. It’s all my solo stuff.

Since you’ve been hanging out with fellow tropical-bass-storm Yahtzel in the duo Carmada, have you deliberately wanted to explore doing more solo stuff recently?

Yes I wanted to keep my solo stuff going, that’s where it all started, I definitely didn’t want to lose that. It’s good to be able to get back into it now and start writing for myself now.


You got any advice for aspiring artists out there to achieve the things you have?

Make music that makes you happy.

To wrap things up let’s play a little ‘Getting to Know LDRU’. What was your first job, favourite super hero, least favourite TV show, most worn item of clothing and oldest possession?

Pinching other kids lunches at school and selling them, Batman, M.A.S.H, my trusty black jeans – and I can’t think of my oldest possession as that’s a tough one.


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